Taurus: Sensual, Steadfast, Self Indulgent by Psychic Suzi

Published Date 4/22/2014
Category: Astrology

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Taurus’ really know how to relax. They’re happy to sit in the meadow of life smelling the flowers and enjoying the pleasant summer breeze. In general, Taurus’ are mellow, easygoing, and slow to anger. But when they cross that red line, clear the area, it’s a red alert! Like a bull loose in a china shop. 

Their element is earth, symbol the bull and planet Venus. Taurus is associated with luxury, big money and family. They’re all around pleasure seekers who love to socialize and are the foodies of the zodiac.

They have a natural love of beauty, so if it looks good, smells good and tastes good a Taurus is in attendance. They cultivate high standards/values and respect tradition along with hot fudge sundaes, fancy cars and an assortment of adult treasures. They have an easy graciousness but it can cover their drive to rise high in the business world. Their endurance is unsurpassed as they have the ability to attract wonderful things, but are just as happy to share the spoils of their bounty with loved ones and friends. 

Taurus’ are often considered financial wizards. However, there’s a thin line that if crossed takes them over to the dark side where the seduction of the material world, power and influence can derail them like Ponzi-schemer Bernie Madoff. 

Taurus’ are also known for their voices—from radio and media to the beautiful singing voices in opera and movies. In the other arts Taurus is one of the interior designer signs because they can see beauty and transform a hut into a palace.

In relationships, Taurus has a well-rounded love nature. Family and marriage can often happen early in life. They’ll seek mates with traditions and values, and they want someone to be their personal cheerleader; family is important to Taurus’. They’re naturally loyal, preferring one steady partner. For a Taurus, serial dating is simply too tiring as they like to take the time to get to you. Keep in mind, a Taurus won’t rush anywhere so patience is helpful. Sadly, Taurus' also don’t know when to leave. They’ve been known to wait 100 years for someone to change (which won’t happen). If you’re looking for a traditional family mate—someone who has a sweet side, who’ll bring you flowers for no reason, and will stand by you through thick, thin, and grey hair—this is the one for you.

Enjoy the great romantic love!
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