Planning with the Moon Cycles by Psychic Agnes

Published Date 9/8/2013
Category: Astrology

The Moon can have a serious impact on your daily activities!

Our Moon is more than just a beautiful light in the sky. In fact, it’s a natural planning guide available to all of us with a bit of knowledge.

Planning by cycle of the Moon is a very interesting subject. One can delve into it for years and there would still be more to learn. 

Have you ever checked the Moon’s positions for something you plan to do? You can plant your garden with surprising results, mow your lawn on certain days to impede growth, cut your hair for faster or slower growth. 

The information and the help our Moon has available for us to utilize are endless. 

Try cutting your lawn on a full moon or no more than a day or two after that full moon. You won’t have to cut your lawn as often. I do this one myself religiously. 

There are days that hinder and favor your results relating to court, purchasing things, selling things and even applying for employment. The list goes on and on. 

A basic thought for mental notes would be to remember that the period between the new and full moon is a great time for tasks that require strength and growth. The period between the full and new moon (3rd and 4th quarters) are best for retarding growth, harvesting etc. A waxing moon is great for all forward moving intentions: love, expansion, and health.

Look to your moon for guidance and you will be pleasantly satisfied. 
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