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Published Date 10/15/2019
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October's Gemstone is the highly desirable Opal!

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Opals are associated with manifestation of ideals, creativity, and intuitive, mystical inspiration. They exemplify thought patterns. Opal demands much of its owner: purity of heart and motive in every way. Opals are all about psychic vibrations and ideas being manifested.  A majority of those born in October fall will under the zodiac sign of the equally creative Libra (September 23-October 22nd). 

The Colorful Varieties of Opals
The word itself, Opal, comes from many sources. From the Sanskrit, “opala, (precious stone); and the Greek “opallios” (change of color); the Indonesian “maya” (illusion); Javanese “kali” (river); Indonesian “kalumaya” (river of illusion). 

This magnificent stone comes in an array of colors. Basically there are four types of Opal: white, black, transparent and common. 

The different varieties of Opals are as follows: 
White Opals which are either pure white or milky white. 
Black Opals come in shades of blue or gray, or are simply pure black. 
Transparent Opals are either fire or water Opals. 
Fire Opals are colored in a range of yellow to orange-red. Most show a magnificent play of colors. 
Water Opals usually have little color or iridescence. 
Common Opal has a milky colored opalescence, but no play of color. The patterns found within this stone are either harlequin, flash, flame or pin-fire shapes. 

The most desirable Opals are black or white, and the most sought-after pattern is the harlequin. But whether harlequin or pin-fire, all Opals have a magical rainbow of color within them.

This beautiful gemstone actually loses some its life energy when it is away from its owner. For instance, its intensity is more increased when it is being held in the hand of its owner, and decreased when not being held or worn by its owner.

Opals Throughout History
Throughout the millennia, Opals have gotten a bad rap, because of fabricated fables or simply wrong energy. Since this is such a powerfully magnifying stone, those whose thought patterns are muddied, or who just cannot handle such energy, should stay away. Of course those born in the glorious month of October are heirs to the stone and therefore immune to any insidious energies. Looking at this from a different perspective, you might say this lovely stone with its powerful energy can help with the manifestation of your dreams, but only if you are focused and clear. After all, this gemstone is all about hopes, positive actions, achievements, and of course, love. Honor your Opal, keep it safe, and it will become your personal “lucky” stone.

Opal Dreams 
If you dream of seeing Opals, you will have a season of very good fortune. Rainbows, like the colors within the stone, are symbols of good fortune, and happily ever after. If you dream of an Opal-colored sky, this means you will reconcile with someone you had a recent rift with. If you see Opals flashing their delicate rainbows of color all around you in your dream, you will soon be enjoying a wonderfully warm and relaxing vacation. However, if your dream shows you receiving an Opal or wearing one, you will suffer a misunderstanding with a loved one. Three Opals set in a ring or brooch means that your life will suddenly become much more harmonious. Wearing several Opals shows that you are an independent soul, and will follow your own path regardless of what others say. 

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