Merry Mercury Retrograde! by Psychic Josephine

Published Date 1/1/2011
Category: Astrology

From the Psychic Source Archive

As we celebrate this time of family and gratitude, Please remember that we still have Mercury Retrograde impacting our communications. If something seems strange, now is not the time to discuss it. Let everything major wait. There is a synchronicity to the quiet time of the Solstice and this particular Retrograde! We are being held back and the frustration makes us look forward to and end to the barriers. This Mercury Retrograde has been very heavy and has caused many people to call in wondering about what's happening with their relationships. The theme of almost every call has been when will the communication clear up? The good news is the end of this retrograde is in sight and we will really be able to start the New year with a sense of lightness and freedom. So hang on for a few more days and keep thinking good thoughts! The new Year will really feel great!

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