Marching into Aries: Here's April! Part I

Published Date 4/1/2011
Category: Astrology

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We begin April with four planets in lively Aries!  But we are just getting started.  First, let’s catch up.  On March 12, just about the time of the quake and tsunami, give or take a few seconds, Uranus moved into Aries. Uranus energy is fast, deep transformation.  “You have to change, and you have to do it NOW!” That’s how Uranus operates. Aries energy is the energy of beginnings; it is fearless and willing to try anything.  It goes too fast, ignores warnings, just wants to make it happen and experience it NOW. Jupiter, the energy that makes things larger, more intense and pretty interesting is also in Aries now.  It has paved the way for Uranus’ visit for the next seven years.  Seven years in Aries, be prepared to see your world change quickly! On April 1st, the Moon joins the fun and shakes hands with Uranus.  The Moon, the emotional center, laughing uncontrollably, bursting into tears, feeling really restless, these are all potentials with Moon/Uranus. Now back to April, because there is SERIOUS energy here.  On April 2nd, Mars catches Uranus and enters Aries, where it is very at home, as it is the ruler of Aries.  Mars is another strong and high-energy presence, he likes to make things happen, push a little harder.  You can see that when he pals around with Uranus in Aries, there could be mischief, these two like trouble. It is going to be quite a ride. Specifically, on April 2nd, try not to drive, but, if you have to, be sure the car is in perfect shape and you are paying attention.  The car could easily overheat, blow a tire or just bump into something.  I wish I could tell you all the auto incidents I have seen with these two over the years.  I, personally, don’t drive when they meet.  And now they are in Aries.  Really, be careful. Now there are six planets in Aries, overloading one of the most intense signs. If you are not having enough fun yet, Mercury is retrograde at the beginning of the month, which gives it an extra-long passage in Aries.  Mercury retro is well known for messing with communications and communications instruments: phone and computer, particularly.  But remember this one is universal, so it also affects those issues is everyone you deal with.  Expect delays, people thinking you meant something you didn’t when you talk to them, e-mail or instant message.  And expect it to be more in your face than it has been before. On April 5th, we have the Sun right next to Jupiter; that is usually a good day. Mars is separating from Uranus now but is close enough to still expect mischief, and of course there is Mercury retro in this.  It should be a day that has a lot of everything going on. We are probably not going to catch our breath until the Sun goes into Taurus on the 21st.  But it is not at all certain that this is going to be a lot easier because here comes Venus! Venus the planet of love, of relationships and creativity is not a shrinking violet.  She can get the emotions roiling. Uranus moves slowly so he is keeping the gateway into Aries, and so as Venus enters, they meet up. Add Venus to Uranus’s electric energy and people could be falling in love and breaking up relationships and also coming up with wild and wonderful new creative ideas.  Venus enters Aries on the 21st just as the Sun leaves. And we are back to five planets in Aries. Stay Tuned for Part II of Marching into Aries: Here’s April Want to get a sneak peak or delve into your energy? Give Terra a call!

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