June Gemstone of the Month - Pearl by Psychic Zoey

Published Date 1/2/2020
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June's highly desired gemstone is the peaceful Pearl.

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Pearl is the gemstone that attracts people who are generous, seek peace and harmony and are artistically inclined. Pearl exudes a certain serenity that appeals to those desiring a quietness, and serene sanctuary of inner space. Pearls speak to those who are true individuals, who “march to their inner drum.”  Pearls have an aura of peace and comfort. Those who are fortunate enough to possess these gemstones, will most likely pass them down to heirs, for they become like family. 

The Many Varieties of Pearls
Pearls are the only gemstones that are made from an organic substance. They are formed inside live oysters and mussels as a result of sand entering the shell. The oyster reacts by covered the invading sand particle with organic matter (conchiolin) and mineral that lines the oyster’s shell (aragonite, sometimes called mother of pearl). After several years, a beautiful pearl is formed.  Cultured pearls are formed by humans physically inserting a bead of sand into an oyster, which is then placed back into the sea. The oyster reacts the same way, covering this bead with organic matter and mineral. After several years, the oyster is then harvested. 

Pearls come in varied colors ranging from white, creamy white, rose, yellow, green, black, and sometimes gray. The most highly valued pearls contain a smooth surface, thick coatings of mineral (aragonite), and an ability to reflect light. Pearls actually lose luster after a time, with a century and a half being the average life time of a pearl. 

Pearls throughout History
Pearls were first widely used in the Orient, and were considered to be the “tears of angels”. They have strong energies of modesty, purity and innocence. A perfectly round pearl has come to signify love and beauty.

Pearls as a fashion statement always seem to be “in”. And if we take a quick look through history, we can see that this is true. In the time of Jesus, we recall his using the pearl in one of his soliloquies. Wasted effort was defined as “casting pearls before swine.” Hindu mythology tells of a beautiful crystal tank created by the god Maya, the bottoms and sides covered with pearls. Everyone who came in contact with this gorgeous tank was immediately drawn to it, feeling cleansed by its very presence.

In ancient Rome, Pearls were the most desired possessions. A look through the royal treasuries has shown many quantities of pearl necklaces, rings, and many other types of jewelry being found. One collection of a rich merchant included a carpet of pearls measuring ten and a half feet long by six feet wide.

Meanwhile in ancient India, warriors had pearls set into the handles of their swords. The meaning implied the tears and sorrow the sword might bring. Pearl-handled revolvers, which came into vogue many years afterward, shared the same sentiment.

Catherine de Medici was given a gift of six ropes of pearls and twenty-five teardrops by Pope Clement VII, upon her marriage to King Henri II of France. It was said these jewels were the largest and finest ever created. Catherine wore them constantly. These same pearls were passed down to Mary, Queen of Scots, Elizabeth I, and other Queens. After many years of wear and tear, the huge ropes finally, become just a string of still-beautiful Pearls.

Dreaming About Pearls
If you should dream of pearls and your birthday falls in June, this means you will know success by your hard work and patience in any given situation. If you receive a string of pearls as a gift, you will know a happy marriage. However, if the string breaks you will have unhappiness descend upon you. And if you dream of gathering up the broken pearls, you will have a small reversal of any misfortune. If you dream about being a collector of pearls, you will know much success in business and have a gain in social position and wealth.

Gemstones do help with certain issues we may have. In the case of Pearl, it is a very good aide for someone who has an inability to nurture others, as it will help to bring out the care-giving of its wearer.

We have centered on pearl as the gemstone for June, although Moonstone and Alexandrite are sometimes cited as being alternative gemstones for those born in June.

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