Is Your Husband a Cancer?

Published Date 5/2/2013
Category: Astrology

Cancers can hide their emotions but nurture others

Have you always wanted your husband to be more open and honest about his thoughts on matters that affect your relationship? Does it seem like he has a hard time communicating with you? You might want to take a look at his astrological sign for some answers.

If your spouse was born between June 21 and July 22, he's a Cancer. This sign is represented with by a crab, an animal creature renowned for its tough outer shell. Cancers tend to quietly keep their feelings hidden within themselves, according to The Huffington Post. If you're wondering why your spouse isn't as expressive as you think he should be, this may be why.

However, there are some positive traits worth observing in your Cancer husband. Most notably, these individuals tend to have an inclination to nurture those around them. As his partner, you can benefit from having a supportive Cancer in your life.

Want to learn how your sign matches up with your spouse's? Talk to your psychic advisor who specializes in astrology. A psychic chat can clear up any confusion you may have about your Cancer partner.

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