How Will My Zodiac Sign Be Affected by the March 2020 Supermoon?

Published Date 3/9/2020
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There are several healing rituals you can do during a supermoon.

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This year, the March 2020 full moon turns into a supermoon. It reaches complete fullness at 1:48PM on Monday, March 9th. It’s called a supermoon because it’s at the point of the moon’s orbit at the Earth where its closest to our planet, also called Perigee. 

The moon appears brighter and larger than normal. The Astrologer Richard Nolle created the name in 1979 the year after the first live action Superman movie debuted. The full moon has been used in the past to help track the seasons and to relate closer with nature. March’s Full Moon is also known as the Full Worm Moon because in this season the ground begins to soften enough for earthworms to appear inviting birds to feed which basically signals Springtime is just around the corner (officially beginning on March 19th.) 

In astrology the moon governs the flow of emotions. A full moon can make our raw emotions intensify and control you. It can make us want our desires to be met which may include food, money, experiences, and romance. The Full Worm supermoon this March is about finding our place in the world. The Zodiac signs most affected are Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn, however all 12 signs can be affected when it comes to relationships. It can bring up issues and friction, causing a variety of things to suddenly start bothering us. 

How Each Zodiac Sign May Be Affected by the March 2020 Supermoon

Aries: Your leadership qualities will bring you to take action regarding romance. Dive in first pursuing what you do or do not want in a dominant way.

You will have to listen to your intuition. A gut feeling will cause you to take action about ending a relationship that doesn’t feel right or something else that just seems off.

You need to be careful with communication. Find your balance and make people understand you without being angry.

Cancer will have energy at this time so staying in harmony and going with the flow will bring out your best intentions.

Emotions will make you sensitive. Take some time for pampering which will help keep things running smoothly. 

Your natural tendency to organize will intensify. The key is to go at the pace YOU need to, but also let others go at their own pace too! 

You need to let yourself feel it’s OK to be a little lost. The way your natural mind chooses to navigate and make decisions will come back into balance in a few weeks.

Scorpios will want to stay in their own power. This means you will work and think in your own space, whether it’s at home or your power space at work. You will be attracted to people you haven’t been interested in previously.

You will see positive changes. Romance will bloom and passions are high.

The strong personality of a Capricorn will be unleashed. It will be a time for you to get what you want and go for it in your personal and professional life. 

No hesitation is needed at this time. It’s a time to let emotions rule and let it all out.

You will feel that you have to satisfy yourself and may spend money to do it. It’s a time to create the peace you need by mental enrichment and activities.

4 Rituals for Healing During a Supermoon

On a spiritual side each of us can meditate and recharge ourselves by trying any of these 4 rituals that are known to help during a supermoon.

1 – Create a Dream Journal

Write down what you dream or daydream about as soon as you awake. The key is how they make you feel. If done over a few weeks, the things you write will help you to decide what you want and need in your life. 

2 – Ask Spirit for Help

Write down what you want when it comes to love, money and romance. To release what you don’t want, take your paper and hold it in the air and ask Spirit to release it, then carefully burn it. Next, write down what you do want and hold it over your heart and feel it happening. Ask spirit to help you, then put it in a special place and bless it every day. 

3 – Activate Your Crystals

As a crystal worker, I charge my crystals and gemstones by placing them on the ground outside and soaking them in the moonlight. I tell them to absorb the energy of the moon and bring them back inside in the morning. The moon is white light so simply standing outside and staring at the moon will be healing. Surround those you love mentally with the light and ask for their needs. 

4 – Cleanse Your Mind

The supermoon is a time to cleanse everything that no longer serves you. Let go of your logical mind dominance and let your heart release what it needs to let go of. Have some fun and make a drum circle and dance till dawn. Look up at the moon and sky and breathe in the light and feel the peace of this form of natural meditation. 

Namaste my friends,

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