Do You Match Up Well With Aquarius?

Published Date 5/14/2013
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Do You Match Up Well With Aquarius?

Aquariuses?, who are born between Jan. 20 and Feb. 18, are commonly associated with water. However, this sign is in fact more linked to air, which goes with the flow. For this reason, Aquariuses are also perceived to be detached from their emotions. However, don't underestimate these individuals - Aquariuses can be extremely helpful to have around when you need a second opinion because they tend to think outside of the box.

If you're looking for someone who has an eclectic lifestyle and isn't afraid to speak his or her mind, you may thrive in a relationship with an Aquarius. However, it's worth looking into your sign and how it links up with an Aquarius. Here are some of the best matches associated with this sign, as well as what to look out for in a relationship.

Aquarius and Aquarius
Two Aquariuses can make for a romantic, positive pair. Because these individuals tend to look on the brighter side of life, they do well together in an intimate relationship. Additionally, two Aquariuses are less likely to fight because they share the same outlook on everything from social to world views - great minds think alike!

Aquarius and Libra
Similar to two Aquariuses in a relationship, an Aquarius and Libra can work well together because they both have a natural tendency to be optimistic and share a mental connection. In addition, these individuals are known to constantly seek fun while having a rational explanation for everything that happens in their environment. Libras and Aquariuses have incredible chemistry together, and this applies to under the sheets as well!

Aquarius and Sagittarius
Sagittarius and Aquarius create a beautiful match because they both value their independence, which puts them on the same page in a relationship. These two may keep a casual attitude about their arrangement for an extended period of time before committing to each other. However, their personalities can work seamlessly together when they're in it for the long haul.

Aquarius and Leo
Leo is renowned for having a king-like attitude, and because Aquarius is just as strong and confident, these two can work marvelously as a pair. Additionally, the curiosity of both Leo and Aquarius is enough to ensure that the relationship is full of fun and adventure. Leos are also bound to love the excitement and spontaneity that an Aquarius can bring into their world. At the end of the day, Leos and Aquariuses can come together to make a loving, lasting relationship.

Aquariuses are renowned for going their own way and marching to the beat of another drummer. While they have light, upbeat attitudes, they can become uncomfortable when talking about their feelings as they stay guarded and look to maintain their independence. Keep this in mind moving forward when associating with Aquariuses.

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