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Published Date 1/20/2020
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Is Aquarius the one for you?

Consider yourself lucky if your plans this weekend involve a hot date with an Aquarius! Born between January 21st – February 18th, this air sign is the most unique and mysterious personality in the zodiac. Unlike other signs that possess tell-tale personality traits such as the Libra who thrives on balance and harmony, the Aquarian is label free and astonishingly individual. This wild card has an evolving personality which can be a challenge when summarizing common attributes. Based on expert astrologer analysis and as told by Aquarians themselves, below are some common characteristics you may uncover in your romantic journey with this sign.

Could this year be a dawning of an Aquarius love match? Let’s find out:

Love and Romance Characteristics: 
Loyal, loving and once committed, unafraid to be vulnerable with their partner.
Desires a partner who is not only their lover but their best friend.
Aquarians dislike the feeling of being trapped. They enjoy physical and emotional space so that they can embrace their sense of freedom and maintain their individuality.
Shows their affection in different ways – often explained as “surprising” their lover with gifts of romance.

Personality Traits
Aquarians hold deep value for friendship and are often very popular amongst their peers. They thrive in social settings and make new connections easily.
This sign is intelligent, giving and willing to take on new adventures for experience.
In-tune with humanitarian causes - cares for the wellbeing of others and society.
Their love for freedom and evolution can backfire resulting in impulsive decisions and behavioral inconsistencies.

Favorite Dates
Game night or double dates where friends are included are always welcomed.
Loves to travel and experience the essence of different cultures.
Enjoys experiences that invigorate the senses such as live shows or movies.

Quotes Capricorns Live By
“Live and let live.”
“Do more of what makes you happy.”
“Travel is the spice of life.”

Zodiac Love Matches:

Libra – Soulmate alert! This connection is magnetic, playful and light. From the first encounter on, you may feel like you’ve known each other for years. These signs can truly be themselves around one another without the fear of judgement as their personalities click and balance beautifully. These signs are not only strong in love but also as a best friends.

Gemini- Whether this love match turns into a full-blown happily ever after or “let’s just be friends,” chances are you’ll maintain a close relationship when paired to an Aquarius. Key fundamentals that make for a healthy and happy partnership align including communication, intimacy and social preferences. Overall, these signs make a lovely match and sure to spark some serious chemistry right off the bat.

What do you think about dating an Aquarius? Does this zodiac sign seem like an ideal match for you? Get out there and have some fun and make sure you get an Astrology Love Reading to find out if he or she is the one. 

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