Aquarius: Stardust and Predictions for 2015-2016 by Psychic Suzi

Published Date 1/20/2015
Category: Astrology

Aquarius' tend to be honest, intellectual, and friendly.

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The sun enters Aquarius on 1/20/2015 and joins mercury retrograde the following day also in Aquarius. It allows Aquarius to start the year pondering their life force and unique inspirations that appear like flashes of lightening.

Aquarius’ gift of future insight teaches them to trust their brilliant vision for chance-happenings. In an instant, they can open your life like a bolt out of the blue, changing the course of your direction in amazing ways. This year is a year of turning points for Aquarius—anything is possible.

Let’s see what’s ahead for Aquarius and Aquarius Rising (by the minute of your birth).
An important contact/contract could come your way when lively and lucky Jupiter in your partnership sign of Leo turns direct around 4/8/2015 releasing delays. By late August through the end of the year you’ll start to reap financial benefits in balance with your hard work. Large corporations and groups see you and lend a helping hand to enhance your career. Expect lucky surprises.
LUCKY MONEY DATES: 2/1/15 to 2/21/15 and 10/8/15 to 10/11/15
Meeting and dating fun people won’t be an issue this year but the word fun isn’t always forever. The bond of friendship will support the relationship but there’s one who is hidden, surrounded by many, who could prove to be special. In the next two years, more will come to light revealing a commitment that’s possible to build a future on.
LUCKY LOVE DATES: 4/12/15 to 5/18/15 and 6/6/15 to 7/18/15
You’re growing and understanding certain family members, coming to a “live and let live” approach. Healing and forgiveness will bring strength to your family. As your star rises this year, so will the opportunity to consider buying a new home or improving the one you currently have. If you’re married, a surprise pregnancy is in the air with a chance of twins—double joy!
This year you have special blessing with those you partner with. This includes the company you work for and the person you’re married to. You also have protection with any professional personnel like doctors, lawyers, and professionals that assist or give advice. Lucky meetings could bless you with important contacts to enhance future events on life’s road for you this year.


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