Aquarius: Lightening in a Bottle by Psychic Suzi

Published Date 1/23/2014
Category: Astrology

Aquarians are unique, fascinating people!

Aquarians are some of the most unique, interesting people you’ll ever meet. They’re the people of tomorrow—somehow wired into trends and ideas that are just around the corner. They bring this effortless, electric excitement to the public. Their element is Air, symbol is the water bearer, and planet is Uranus.
These fascinating charismatic people wear their badge of uniqueness in different ways. It could be the flash of pink in a lady’s hair or the man in the elegant Seville Row suit accompanied by green sneakers with purple shoe laces. They hear music that most don’t hear or understand.

Aquarians are humanitarians and look at the big picture with a live and let live lifestyle. They really do care about saving the whales and the rain forest, and they want to make a better government. Did you know most American presidents have strong Aquarius planets? Aquarius rules the Kennedy clan, which not only believes the person with the most toys wins—it’s true political power. Aquarius is known as one of the finest business signs, being innovative and progressive.
They’re also intrigued by UFO’s and the X-files, and could probably tell you more about Area 51 than Area 51 could! Have you ever asked an Aquarian? Bet you’d get an ear full despite their attempts to be nonchalant about all the space hype. Even with computers and today’s technology, Aquarians just seem to know how it all works. It really makes you wonder, but they’re smart cookies.
As lovers or mates, they get to know you before you hit the bedroom. Lovable and eccentric, you’ll never be bored as you attempt to decode the Aquarian heart. Their Ace is the loyal friendship they bring to committed romantic relationships. Be aware they can seem detached at times but worry not; they’ll return soon. They’re dreamers who court you with flashes of brilliance. 

If you’re willing to travel their electrically-lined road, slip into your silver sneakers and bright blue sun glasses. The Aquarian traveler will take you on a life journey wrapped in neon rainbows.
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