A Pisces can be oblivious, but supportive when you need him

Published Date 2/24/2013
Category: Astrology

A Pisces can be oblivious, but supportive when you need him

If you aren't seeing eye-to-eye with your coworker and close friend, your life at the office might be more complicated than it needs to be. When your friendship hits the rocks and you have to see the person on a frequent basis in the workplace, you may have to deal with a certain amount of tension.

However, understanding your friend and colleague's astrological sign might be the key to smoothing things over. If he was born between February 19 and March 20, your coworker is a Pisces. This means that he likely doesn't have a strong hold on reality and the seriousness of certain situations, which can be bothersome to you as his friend.

That being said, there are some silver linings in this cloud - Pisces tend to be caring and compassionate to those they love, meaning your friend is likely to be supportive, especially when you need him.

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