4 Terrifying Symptoms You Can Completely Ignore

Published Date 3/2/2014
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Sometimes a serious sadness is seriously no problem.

In the age of Google and WebMD, it's easy for people to get totally worked up over completely nothing. Just do a search for the common symptoms of a cold, such as nasal congestion, sore throat, and a cough, and you'll get results ranging from bronchitis, to viral pharyngitis, and even to pregnancy. Before you write your will and select a funeral home based on an Internet search, learn when you can look a symptom in the face and say, "Ah, whatever!" 

1. Sudden Crying With Little Provocation 

There are reasons for inexplicable crying other than depression or other causes that need treatment. Sometimes, crying is just the body and mind's way of releasing stored up emotions. After a good cry, many people feel relieved and are able to go on with a clearer mind.

Crying jags can often come during or after periods of intense stress, even if the stressful situation is something positive, such as having a baby, getting a new job, or moving into a new home. However, if the crying events continue to happen or disrupt your everyday life, seek professional help. A chat with one of the best psychics can also help you cope. 

2. Anxiety Before a Big Event 

When preparing for a huge life event, such as a wedding, graduation ceremony, or speaking in public, it's common to have intense feelings of anxiety. You may picture yourself making a mistake or doing something embarrassing. It might even be tempting to call the event off or try to wiggle your way out of it to avoid the anxious feelings.

These nervous episodes are completely normal. Instead of trying to avoid the situation, use the anxiety to drive you to prepare thoroughly. The exception is if the anxiety escalates into a true panic attack, which comes with difficulty breathing, heart palpitations, and sometimes even chest pains. These symptoms should always be checked by a medical professional. 

3. Lack of Feeling Over Something You Should Be Emotional About 

When an emotional event happens, sometimes you may not feel like you think you should. You might not be as ecstatic as you think you ought to over baby's first steps, your wedding anniversary, overcoming a particularly huge obstacle, or other life events that usually bring strong emotions. You might not even feel the overwhelming grief you expect to after the loss of a loved one.

Don't assume that something's wrong with you if you don't have deep emotional reactions when you believe you should. Sometimes these emotions are delayed until our minds have a chance to deal with them and accept them. Unless you're feeling deep sadness for no reason, a lack of emotion is no cause for alarm. 

4. A Period of Inexplicable Anger 

Sometimes, people go through periods of anger and there isn't an apparent cause. These feelings can be caused by hormonal changes, or it could be a delayed reaction to grief that you aren't even aware of. Perhaps you're subconsciously going through the steps of grief over the loss of a pet some time ago, or the loss of a friendship, job, or even a place you miss deeply. However, if the anger is hard to control, or your temper is affecting your relationships, it's time to seek help. A psychic medium can often help people get to the bottom of the unexplained anger. 

Remember, it never hurts to seek professional advice about your symptoms. If changes in your behavior or personality last more than two weeks, or are especially severe, don't hesitate to talk to someone who can help you cope. 


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