2020 - 2021 Virgo Horoscope

Published Date 8/24/2020
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What can Virgo expect for the year ahead?

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The Sun enters Virgo on 8/22/2020. Virgo brings into our lives “The Fixer” - a kind soul who sincerely wants to help. They are detailed oriented, organized and a closet romantic. From book editors to bankers or even a life coach you are in good hands with a Virgo.

This year you are entering an important two-year cycle that will transform not only your 9-5 work but your daily life. Positive choices are all on the table. Take your time and step forward with a brave heart.


By December 2020, two big players in astrology are in play for Virgo.  First Jupiter brings luck, protection and expansion into your life. Then Saturn’s move into your house as a builder and stabilizer will impact your 9-5 work, your health, pets and those that work for you. The choices you make this year will cast light well into your future. Your money will grow through help from other people’s resources and helping hands. As you head into 2021, long term solutions will come into view. It will be like watching the pieces of a puzzle that start fitting together and the big picture will make you smile.
  • Lucky Money Dates: 10/28/2020 - 11/21/2020 and 3/22/2021 - 4/14/2021


You are selective in love and this could really pay off for you. A small wait could bring the magic of timing as you step into 2021. Someone who is a spirit can transform your life. It starts slowly like an old -fashioned courtship. This one has endurance. Smile and believe it is your time for a happy heart.
  • Lucky Love Dates: 1/9/2021 - 2/2/2021 and 2/18/2021 - 3/21/2021


There could be a positive change in status this year tied to your family. This could be you inherit money that could allow you to think about buying a home in the next two years. There is a chance an unexpected baby could be on the way. Remember whatever responsibility that is brought to you, you can handle it! Good times ahead.


Angel Wings bless your overall health, work opportunities and those that support you.
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