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Date 6/27/2023
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Hi everyone! Welcome back to the next installment of my 12-month Zodiac Season series! For those new here, I'm Annie, one of the gifted astrologists on Psychic Source. This month we will cover the fourth season of the sensitive and sometimes crabby zodiac sign of Cancer. As always, happy birthday to all my Cancer-ruled readers.

Cancer Season

Cancer Season: June 21 – July 22

The sun says goodbye to the mercury-ruled sign Gemini and now begins its next trip by saying hello to the only sign ruled by the moon, Cancer. During this time, we notice we may become more emotional because we feel the moon's influence extensively during this cusp. Being that we become so aligned with what we feel, we also notice a heightened sense of spiritual awareness coming into play. Perhaps you find your "hunches" being correct more often, or you find yourself having a stronger sense of just knowing things before they happen. You may even find your moods seem to shift more often than usual.

Whatever phenomena you're experiencing during this sensitive Cancer season, I will guide you through it!

Cancer Season Woman

1. Feel Your Emotions But Try Not To Dwell In Them

Trust me; no one is a stranger to emotions and just how deep they can run. And I know sometimes we want to shut the world out and only focus on what we feel. However, this is not a productive way to use this energy. You'll notice you may feel a bit more sensitive during this time. While it is OK to have a bad day or not feel the best, it is not OK to let the temporary feeling hold a more permanent influence over you. Rather than dwelling over something, find a more productive way to manage whatever disrupts your peace. Suggestions include taking a quick meditation, walking outside, or even just playing your favorite music (and if you find yourself dancing to the beat, even better)! Find what helps you and focus on that instead.

2. Spend More Time With Those Close To You

Cancer is the nurturer of the zodiac, making now a perfect time to connect deeper with those closest to your heart. During this time, I notice consistently that the native feels a sudden desire to be in harmony with the people around them. This season, you will feel your heart yearn to hone deeper into your existing connections, or you may feel led to create a new relationship with someone who has crossed paths with you, wherever this desire leads you to follow the wave of it.

For those of you who are single or may lack real bonds with people, join groups that involve networking or try online dating, perhaps even joining local classes that discuss your interests! For those of you who are far from the special people in your life, spend more time with them! Reach out, call, message, or make plans to meet up! Use this sensitive crustaceans loving influence to sweeten up your relationships!

Cancer Season Emotions

3. Let Out Your Emotions

Now let's remember what I mentioned above in point number one, we want to feel our feelings. There is a way to let go of our feelings in a way that prevents us from dwelling on them. But first, learning how to release any emotional blockages that may hinder your path is crucial. The best way to release your feelings is first to acknowledge that they are there to begin with. We often avoid dealing with our emotions because we feel ashamed to admit they are there. Know that feeling bad is a part of the human experience and that it is OK not to feel OK sometimes. Show yourself the same empathy you would show to a best friend dealing with the same issues as you. Even reaching out to friends or a family member helps too! Overall, give yourself more kindness if you're feeling slightly blue these days.

4. Hone Into Your Creativity More!

Cancer is all about creative energy and tapping into it. Cancer is the ruler of the fourth house, representing the home and heritage. Now is a great time to be more creative around your home; this is the perfect time to tackle a new project or add new touches to your space. The changes can be as extravagant or as simple as your heart desires. If you've thought of switching the paint color of your family room, you can do that, or if you've had your sights set on a new comforter set for your bedroom, that can be done too! If you allow your creativity to take charge, do what you must!

Cancer Season Self Care

5. Focus More On Self-Care

What I love the most about Cancer Season is how powerful the fourth house influence is around this time. The fourth house represents the home and your roots, but also self-care. Make this time centered around self-care and creating a more serene energy within yourself. Do whatever you enjoy that brings you a sense of care and comfort. Hone into this loving water signs influence; using this energy will help elevate your self-love and bring you more inner peace. Be sure to make showing up for yourself a priority. You deserve to be kinder to yourself. However, you may choose to care for yourself, make sure it is being done with the highest levels of self-care. 

With all these points mentioned, I encourage you to make the most of this Cancer season! Of course, I hope this article has answered your questions about this cusp. In Gemini season, we were quick-paced and focused on mental clarity; Cancer season is all about grounding and emotional clarity. Use this soft and sacred time to your highest benefit.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with any of the advisors at Psychic Source! We're always happy to answer any questions you have. Best of wishes and Happy Cancer Season!

Much love,




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