The Organized Problem-Solving Virgo by Psychic Suzi

Published Date 9/5/2013
Category: Astrology

Virgos dislike messy situations -- literally and figuratively!

Virgos are the ones who thrive on fixing & organizing the world. Their element is earth, their symbol is the virgin and their planet is Mercury.

One thing Virgos are known for is being able to sort, clean and organize in the blink of an eye. You can spot a Virgo as the pleasant but quiet office assistant who carries a list and checks it constantly.

They shine with their clear mental abilities to analyze and problem solve—it’s all about service to others. Simply put, they’re the worker bees of the zodiac. 

A Virgo also knows when something is wrong and no one will rest until it’s fixed properly, neatly and on time. Those born in this sign strive to make a difference with sincerity and compassion. You can find them giving support when the chips are down and then watch the sparkle in their eyes when they’ve found the perfect solution.

In matters of the heart, behind that gentle face hides the beating heart of a Sea Siren or Courtesan. They’re conservative but not exactly straight-laced. It all depends on what you’re lacing up: a sneaker or a French lace bustier! Sexy and deeply romantic, their shyness can cover a very selective heart. 

Virgos strongly dislike messy situations, like divorces and breakups, so they have to be very careful when giving their hearts away. They also worry a lot, so they need a knight in shining armor to honor their compassionate heart and remind them that they’re lovable just the way they are. As the Virgo heart blooms with a love that goes the distance, magic happens.

Whether it be a friend, coworker, or partner, Virgos are the glue that hold much of daily life together with grace, an earnest heart, and a gentle smile.
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