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Published Date 1/26/2013
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The Wolf Moon will wax to full on January the 26th at 11.38 PM (eastern time).

The Full Moon in January is called the Wolf Moon. It has also been known as the Chaste Moon, the Snow Moon, the Quiet Moon and the Moon of Little Winter. The Wolf Moon will wax to full on January the 26th at 11.38 PM (eastern time).

The Wolf Moon comes in the deepest part of winter. It's name comes from a time when our ancestors gathered close, trying to keep their fires lit and their dwellings warm. Sitting in the silence of snow flakes falling, they would here the frightening sound of howling wolves. In the bitter cold of January natural food supply levels are at their lowest. Wolves driven by hunger, would come closer to the towns and villages than any other time of the year. Occasionally a wolf may have even attacked a human in an attempt to survive. Hence, the name Wolf Moon was born. 

January is quite a unique time of the year. We get to rest a wee bit after the hustle and bustle of the 2012 holiday season. Looking through iced-etched windows, we can admire the morning sunlight gleaming off the frost-feathered trees and bushes. The cold keeps us inside more often than not and we can look forward to the rebirth of spring that is not so far away.

January gets it's name from the Roman name for this month. It was named after the god Janus, Who has two faces and ruled over the past and the future, endings and new beginnings. As January is the first month of the calendar year, naming the month after the god Janus is quite fitting. This is the perfect time to banish old, worn out energies and situations, to make room for new and better energies that are more conducive to improving the quality of out lives.

Throughout history, many cultures did rituals and ceremonies to mark the end of a cycle and celebrate the beginning of a new one. In the southern states, many people eat a meal of greens and black eyed peas on the first day of January, as a symbol of growth and prosperity to come in the new year. Some folk have small rituals they do to mark a new beginning, and others do quite an elaborate ceremonies. These rituals are important as they alert our subconscious mind that change is coming. We will then subconsciously start doing what is necessary to bring these positive changes into our lives. 

Here is a simple candle ceremony that you can do on the night of the Wolf Moon to help banish the old negative energies and make room for new and positive energies to come into your life. Do this ceremony on the night of the Wolf Moon. If you can, do it right after night fall while the Wolf Moon is rising.

The Wolf Moon falls on a Saturday this year, a perfect time for endings and new beginnings, as Saturday is a day for banishing. When we do work to banish something negative from out lives, we must replace it with something positive. You will need a three candles, black, white and yellow. 2 small sheets of paper and a pen or pencle. Start by making a written list of what you want to banish in your life, relationships that are no longer conducive to your own higher good, bad habits or anything that is holding you back from reaching your goals. On the second sheet of paper, make a list of the positive things that you want to bring into your life, loving relationships, growing partnerships, new opportunities, healthier habits and achieving your goals.

Line the three candles up on your table or workspace, from left to right, black on the left, yellow in the middle and white on the right. The black candle represents the negative that you wish to banish from your life, the white candle represents what you want to manifest into your live and the yellow candle represents you. Place the two sheets of paper that show your lists on the table. Place the negative list in front of the black candle and the positive list in front of the white candle.

Hold the yellow candle in both hands. In your minds eye, see your face. Visualize your face as if you are looking into a mirror. See yourself being healthy, happy and smiling. Create the joyful feeling that you would experience if you had everything that you desire in your life. Now, Hold the black candle in both hands and see everything on your negative list leaving your life. See these conditions and situations floating out the door or window and dissolving into a dull colored liquid. See the dull colored liquid flowing into the ground to be to be neutralized by the earth. Now, hold the white candle in both hands. See all the positive things on your list. See yourself already experiencing and enjoying all the good things that you wish to have in your life. Do not try to figure out how they will come to you; let the universe talk care of that.

Now, light the yellow candle and say: "This is me and all that represents me." Now, light the black candle and say: "These are the negative influences in my life. They leave me now. I shed no tears for their passing." Now, light the white candle and say: "This in the good. These good influences come to me now. I welcome them with open arms."

Let the candles burn completely out. Know that the negative is gone and the positive is coming into your life now. Crumble up the negative list and burn it or bury it outside. Keep the positive list. You may want to hang it someplace where you will see it often to reinforce the good that is coming to you.

May you receive all the Blessings of the Wolf Moon.

As we celebrate the winter's end and look forward to the coming rebirth of spring, I wish you Love and Light.

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