The Cardinal Grand Cross Psychic Terra

Published Date 6/1/2010
Category: Astrology

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Here we go.  The Cardinal Grand Cross is upon us.  Uranus and Jupiter are conjunct in Picses.  Pisces province  is water and oil; Uranus just leaving Pisces brings an energy of explosion, Jupiter makes it bigger.  And this is just the energy of the mutable houses that only react to circumstances. Next week Uranus enters Aries.  Aries is all about getting moving and action; it’s going to be a summer to remember.  Jupiter is only one degree behind...and on June 6, Jupiter enters Aries, right on top of Uranus. Major action, enthusiasm, high energy here; it is higher than we have seen in years.  It will be the sixties on steroids before we get through it.   But it begins with action, ideas, originality. We will probably see new inventions that change everything.  Perhaps a new power source, something unique for certain.  And its ability to really change our lives is here too.  But this is not all that is going on now.  Saturn opposes Uranus and Jupiter.  Saturn is the energy of systems, hierarchies; Uranus and Jupiter are powerful change agents when working together.  We have been seeing this in politics.  Constant challenges to whatever order is in power. Add to this the energy of Pluto in Capricorn.  Capricorn is the seat of Hierarchies and Social structure, ruled by Saturn so it has a lot of the same energy.  Pluto is deep transformation.   Pluto’s last trip through Capricorn brought us the American Revolution. Now we have four of the most powerful planets in the Zodiac at right angles to each other, powerful energies all working together all with different but intense energies.? Enter the Sun.  On June 21, The Sun enters Cancer forming a perfect square to the outer planets.  This completes the setup for action. These planets will push things toward change and transformation,  they will challenge systems, they will transform structures.  Expect many areas that are considered “just the way thing are” to be toppled, then transformed to a better energy. Transformation takes some time to go deeply.  This will not happen overnight.  This is just the beginning, in one way or another this kind of energy will go on for years. One place where it will be felt the most will be in the feel of the new energy.  For most of my life, we have had outer planets in mutable signs when they have been active.  But now they are all moving into Cardinal signs.  The difference?  Mutable reacts, Cardinal acts. Cardinal energy is very direct, there is a lot of action, and new things begin.  To many of us, this is going to feel really good.  Finally, we can get moving, speak our piece.  The unfortunate part is that everyone will be doing it at once.  The things I am describing are of a general overall look at the start of this energy.  It will affect each of you differently according to your own personal planetary placements.  The last time we had placements close to this was during the sixties.  Some people remember the sixties as a big party, some remember the protests, some only recall the assassinations.  But when it was finished, the world would never be the same again. As we head into this time, we will find the same outcome, how we chose to ride through it is up to each of us. It is a good time to get to know your chart and see how it will be operating in your own life.... Terra

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