The Autumn Equinox - The Harvest Home by Psychic Sarah Rose

Published Date 9/23/2011
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Technically, the Autumn Equinox, is the exact twin of the Spring Equinox.  An equinox refers to the equality of the day in terms of dividing the day between darkness and light.  Exactly 12 hours of sunlight and 12 hours of moonlight or darkness are experienced during the Spring Equinox and during the Autumn Equinox.  No other time of the year can one observe such an equal occurrence.  One day each Spring and one day each Fall. This is the season of celebrating the "Sun"  with all the bounty that its presence has presented during its season starting in the Spring and lasting throughout the Summer months.   It is a time to say farewell to the "setting sun" with the approach of the coming season of darkness, for after the Equinox of Autumn, the sun is seen less and less each day.   In mythology, it is taking its long earned rest. From the moment of the Autumn Equinox, the Sun's strength dwindles, until the Winter Solstice in December, when the Sun once more grows stronger and the days once again become longer than the nights.    There are myths and tales from all different cultures that emphasize in the significance of the sleeping or resting sun.  In some stories the Sun is actually imprisoned, in others it is a period of gestation, in which the sun ( and we human should begin to plan and think about the coming year - where will our profit and gains come from?). The Autumn Equinox is the celebration of what is sometimes called the Second Harvest - or The Harvest Home.   In farming communities, it is a time when a "corn king"  or a "harvest king" is chosen in the community and raised up to a position of special importance.  Connected to this tradition is one of sacrifice to assure that the land  (or our business lives) will have great prosperity in coming year.    Although Harvest Festivals have their roots in very ancient agrarian traditions and beliefs,  in these modern times, we still understand that it is the time to mark the calendar and make note that "growing and harvesting time" was at an end and soon winter will be upon us.  During the middle ages, under the name of "Michaelmas," a feast in honor of the Archangel Michael took place on the day of the Equinox.   It is a time to say goodbye with heartfelt joy to the prosperous rays of the days of the long sun, as we send it on its long journey of rest.   Often the Equinox is the beginning of a period that ends with the Halloween, which is also known as "the new year" in many cultures and faiths around the world. If you would like to celebrate the period of the Harvest Festival to bring extra good luck and prosperity to you and your home, you might consider decorating your home with a garlands of grapes and vines, gourds, pine cones, acorns, wheat, dried leaves, rattles, Indian corn, and horns of plenty.  All of these items mark the prosperity of the season. Here is a recipe for one of my favorite Potpourris for the Autumn Equinox Season.  I hope you enjoy it as much as my family and I do. Autumn Equinox Potpourri Mix together the following  (the amounts are eyeballed and many of the ingredients can be found at your local health food and craft stores) In a large glass mixing bowl put about a cup of Oak Moss mixed with 60 drops of Honeysuckle Oil  (Set aside) Then add: One dozen Acorns, two cups of dried and smashed Oak leaves, a cup of dried Pine Needles, a half a cup of crushed Sage (fresh is best), two cups of dried Rose Petals, one cup of dried Passionflower,  one cup of Honeysuckle.  Stir the potpourri well and store in a tightly covered ceramic or glass container.   Lay it out in glass potpourri containers throughout the season to bring a delightful aroma to the air. Want to see how the Autumn Equinox will play out for you? Call Sarah Rose today!

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