Sun in Leo by Psychic Liam

Published Date 8/6/2014
Category: Astrology

"Here comes the sun..."

 [Cue The Muppet Show Theme Song] “It’s time to play the music, it’s time to light the lights, it’s time to meet the…” Sun in Leo!


There’s little that’s subtle about the Sun in Leo, it’s a natural sign, and is even more so this time around as the ever jubilant and equally gregarious Jupiter strolls along with the Sun as it enters its domain.


The Sun entered Leo July 22, 2014 at 2:42 PM PDT and immediately started to fire up the astrology. The Sun and Leo both have a strong spirit of self-expression, so this is a time that has great possibilities for creative, dramatic displays and expressions. It’s a time that you may well be drawn to spend time either with children or as a child, telling stories, playing games, play acting, singing, dancing, and making a general show of whatever you’re doing.


This is also a period of time where the libido heats up. All the creative self-expression, playfulness, gregariousness, and charm eventually can lead to flirtation and happy affairs. Now, happy affairs are great, generally speaking, however, with this energy it can be easy to forget others.  Taking careful stock of your responsibilities and the consequences of your actions, not only on you but all the others that may be affected, will serve you (and everyone else) well.


Having said that… the sexual energy and light love affairs that this energy brings is a great gift and benefit of life that’s important to honor and experience. There was a further thrust of this energy, with a more serious tone, as Mars entered Scorpio on the 26th. Mars is also very strong in Scorpio and with both the Sun and Mars in their natural signs; the sexual energy is intense.


Where and how these dynamics play out in your personal life and chart depends on personal factors such as your birth date, time, and place. For instance, Leo is the ruler of my 10th House, the house of career (and I work with Sun sign astrology!), so as the Sun entered Leo it crossed my 10th House. This suggests, for me personally and anyone with a similar chart, that there is an illumination (Sun) on my career (10th House).


I would be happy and honored to find where this is in your chart and how it’s manifesting in your life. Simply call me!


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