Sagittariuses Can Be Warm And Kind-Hearted

Published Date 9/17/2013
Category: Astrology

Sagittariuses Can Be Warm And Kind-Hearted

When was the last time you were able to speak to your sister without getting into a conflict? If you can't remember, you might want to take a look at her astrological sign to determine why you don't get along.

Sagittariuses are people who were born between Nov. 22 and Dec. 21, and if your sister's birthday falls between this time period, she fits the bill! There are numerous traits associated with this sign that are worth noting. Sagittariuses tend to be adventurers who love travel and seeing
the silver lining in every situation. However, this gives them a tendency to gloss over problems, according to The Huffington Post.

If it seems like your sister always skirts around your issues and concerns, you might want to blame it on the stars! That being said, there are positives to Sagittariuses as well. For example, they tend to be warm-hearted and loyal to people they truly care about.

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