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Published Date 5/9/2019
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Baby Archie's Birth Chart

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On May 6, at approximately 5:26 GMT, Meghan Markle the Duchess of Sussex, and Prince Harry welcomed their firstborn in the world - a baby boy! 

Monday's child is fair of face, and Sunrise babies get noticed! Archie was born in the early morning (approximately 5:26 am GMT) on Monday, May 6, and with his Sun - Ascendant conjunction, he is blessed with a double dose of Taurus.

He'll be a calm, sweet baby, and grow to be a grounded, generous, kind, and charitable adult.

Archie's chart shows the qualities of a natural born leader. His sparkling personality and commanding presence will surely make a powerful impression on others. He will be a loyal son to both parents and generous to those people and causes that he cares about most.

Mercury and Venus in Aries point to high intellect and quick thinking. Athleticism features prominently in his chart with a strong Taurus and Aires signature. Many members of his family are fond of Polo, horses, and dogs and he will likely be a natural star on the field as well as a true animal lover. 

Taurus is a sign that loves luxury – so little Archie is definitely in the right family. His Leo Mother, and Virgo Dad will strongly impress his direction and decisions. 

With his Moon in Gemini activating the second house of personal prosperity, he'll have a keen understanding of money and a strong sense of social justice. His innate ability to influence others coupled with his naturally generous spirit points a leading role in many charitable movements.

Jupiter retrograde indicates a temper to go along with a Taurus tenacity. However, stubbornness is more likely to be expressed later in life as working tirelessly for a cause, and high ethics. He'll be attractive, intelligent like his mother, and brave, and a bit of a rebel Like his father.

With so many loving and exciting characteristics, we can all be excited to watch this Royal Baby boy grow up!

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