Pisces: Dream Weavers and Caregivers by Psychic Suzi

Published Date 2/19/2014
Category: Astrology

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You can find a Pisces putting out food for the birds so they don’t starve in the snowy winter months or sparing a few dollars to help someone pay the rent. Their element is water, symbol is the two fish, and planet is Neptune.
These kind, sweet people, though gentle in nature, are often underestimated with their strength to survive. Remember those salmon that swim upstream—they don’t fool around, they’re going home against all odds. Compassion and endurance are their right and left hands. Many find a sense of purpose helping the elderly like working for hospice. Their planet Neptune, ruled by mist/fog, has no boundaries which gifts them in assisting elders as they cross over at the end of life. 

Pisces also embraces some of the most creative people in the arts. Did you know that Pisces is the sign of acting/film? For the actor, Neptune has no boundaries but a kind of glamor that allows them to become any character seamlessly. They are magicians, dream weavers who touch a special light just beyond the human energy and invite destiny to tea. 

Many talented mystic psychics and general metaphysical workers have strong Pisces in the astrology charts. Their hardest lesson is balancing trust with reality and, most importantly, finding boundaries in many areas of their lives. They need to be careful not to become the martyr/victim when trying to fix their love life/general relationships issues. They struggle with their deep sensitivity in how to release and move on, not wishing to hurt another soul. They will remain longer in damaged relationships/situations hoping against hope that a miracle will occur, magically transforming the dragon into a teddy bear. 

Indecision comes also from the two fish that go in two different directions at the same time. This can slow down their process of decision-making. Shy by nature, sometimes the harshness of life can overwhelm them so it’s good to encourage them to share what’s on their mind and help them to let go of some of the stress and unburden their kind heart. 
In love, they can sweep you off your feet or leave you pining away but they will always leave you with a lasting impression. They love from the depths of their souls and are the true romantics. Sometimes Pisces’ may marry more than once as they learn the ropes of discerning what is true or false, covered by that misty fog. They believe that “love is all you need” and will fight to preserve their family and home life. If you’re looking for a kind, compassionate mate and some old-fashioned romance, come dance in the moonlight with a Pisces—you may just discover love really is all you need.
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