Neptune Retrograde in Pisces by Psychic Guinevere

Published Date 6/14/2014
Category: Astrology

Feeling extra intuitive lately? It might be due to Neptune in retrograde.

Neptune in Pisces will be retrograde, or appear to travel backwards from our view on Earth, until mi-November. Five months is a long time for a planet to retrograde, especially when Mercury retrogrades for only three weeks at a time. 

During this summer and fall, we become more in tune with energies surrounding us. Pay attention to your sixth sense—your inner voice. Don't bottle up what you’re feeling because Neptune retrograde can produce a type of psychic overload for very sensitive people. Talking about what you’re experiencing will help, because chances are, others are feeling the same way. Heightened sensitivity can be both an asset and a liability. 

Also, watch the alcohol and drugs! Neptune Rx is a dangerous time to overdo substances, because they pull us out of the physical and into the realm of the Other Side, even if just slightly. And venturing into the Other Side under the influence is never a good idea. Protect yourself by refraining from associating with addictive personalities and people who drain your energies. 

Think black. Black tourmaline, jet, obsidian, onyx, smoky quartz, apache tears—carrying or wearing these black stones can help stave off negative energy and psychic attack. In cases of sensory overload, you’re probably picking up too much from your environment so try to meditate and ground. Psychics will be bang-on accurate, but may suffer from sensory overload. As an asset, Neptune Rx is excellent for cultivating your psychic ability.
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