Happy Birthday Pisces - Your Stardust for 2018 to 2019 by Psychic Suzi

Published Date 2/20/2018
Category: Astrology

What can Pisces expect for the year ahead?

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The Sun entered Pisces on 2/18/2018. Pisces brings into our lives the world of dreams, spiritual intuition and a boundless, compassionate soul towards others. This year can open doors for you that you thought were closed. Magic happens with mysterious contacts, travel and education.
You’ve been concerned because your income has been a bit up and down making you feel “easy come, easy go” with your cash. You are entering a time span where you will be able to start pulling your monies back into a better balance which will spread to your daily life. You won’t have to shoulder it all alone as helping hands in the form of a small windfall could not only support you but lift some long-term worries off your shoulders.
Lucky Money Dates: 3/7/2018 - 4/1/2018 and 8/7/2018 - 11/16/2018 (Special extended time cycle!)
This year special encounters will bring a kind person into your life that will help repair parts of that tattered heart of yours. Always ready with a cup of compassion and kindness for others, this year someone will enter your life that sincerely has your best interests at heart. Look for a person with lighter eyes that loves to hold hands. In two years this relationship could grow, and marriage might be possible.
Lucky Love Dates: 5/20/2018 - 6/13/2018 and 7/12/2018 - 8/7/2018
A family trip this year could really boost your self-esteem and warm your heart. Your home has been on your mind as you are considering possible change or a move. This could manifest to a better location but as a similar style of residence (like moving from one apartment to another for example.)  Be open as it could happen suddenly, and you will have to think and move quickly to secure it.
Angel Wings help to open your mind to a new perspective about your life. This will come to you in the form of a dream or a special trip that will inspire you.

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