Dispelling Mercury Retrograde Phobia by Psychic Liam

Published Date 2/18/2014
Category: Astrology

No need to run and hide during Mercury Retrograde!

There’s a lot of talk about Mercury Retrograde these days and most of it reads like a horror story: traffic lights will change with impunity putting millions of drivers at risk of accidents; computers will inexplicably crash and destroy stocks, bonds, and jobs; phones will errantly call former lovers during romantic dates causing strife and ruin relationships. And it’s all out of your control…

Is this true?
Due to an apparent backwards motion of the planet Mercury, communications will suddenly go haywire, relationships will die wicked deaths, and cars will crash? Did I mention that this happens sometimes 3 or 4 months every year? That’s a lot of time to have to worry about out-of-your-control mayhem and the double Scorpio that runs through my chart just can’t live with that amount of power drain.

Luckily, I, and hopefully after reading this, you, don’t have to worry at all.  You just have to know when the times are coming and move with the energy. The first part is easy. All you need is an ephemeris, a log of the solar system and its motions, or you can contact an astrologer. The second part of the equation will require more effort, commitment, and responsibility, but it’s well worth it.

Here’s the trick:
The energy of Mercury retrograde is inward yet we live in a very straightforward, linear world. That works quite well with the rational, reasoning, calculating, outward flowing energy of Mercury but when Mercury stations retrograde, the mind needs to slow down, reflect, consider, and circle. Not the easiest thing to do in a corporate sales office for sure, however, whether or not this is valued or considered, the ramifications of unconsidered, forced, and unseen work are well documented.

These are periods of inventory-taking.
I think this is a good phrase to consider for Mercury Retrograde because it can be accepted, I think, by not only the individual, but also the corporate tycoon, who no doubt will agree that any good business or enterprise necessarily must take stock of their assets and liabilities, consider what is working and what isn’t, evaluate, and rework strategies. Conveniently, these are just the things that the individual would be well served to do during Mercury Retrograde periods. 

A good mantra for Mercury Retrograde periods is anything with the prefix “re:” re-view, re-think, re-consider, re-new, re-flect, re-evaluate… this Roman prefix means, “again,” which essentially means, in my experience, to circle around, look at all the angles, see things from a different view, or take the long way around. 

I’ve learned that by taking my time through these periods, letting go a bit of that drive forward, I have regained (there’s that prefix again) the power that others fear is lost when the dreaded Mercury Retrograde comes around. I hope you’ll re-consider as well.
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