December Gemstone of the Month - Turquoise by Psychic Zoey

Published Date 1/2/2020
Category: Astrology

December's Gemstone is the protective Turquoise.

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Turquoise is the accepted modern gemstone for December. This beautiful blue-green stone favors those who are assertive, independent thinkers; who are true individuals, confident, and have a free spirit. Although most people think of a blue-colored stone when they imagine a Turquoise, this gorgeous gemstone has colors which range from yellow-green to greenish-blue to sky blue, and even darker sky blue.

Turquoise Throughout History
Originally Turquoise was known as a protective stone.  Early civilizations used it to keep away evil spirits, and protect its wearer from harm.  Later in time, around the medieval period, it developed a reputation as a love charm and was used to help with situations surrounding the heart and its desires.

Today’s healers realize that Turquoise helps its wearer to relax the mind.  The color of turquoise itself helps concentration and calming of the nervous system.  It builds confidence.  If you are about to make a public speech, it might be a great idea to print your notes on turquoise paper.  It is generally known as an all-around charming gemstone to call your own.

A Powerful Stone for Healing
Turquoise is a marvelous healing stone, which is not restricted to any particular part of the body.  Wearers will notice any condition will improve near where the stone is worn.  Headaches may be relieved or even prevented with the help of this gemstone.  By the way, this gemstone is especially protective against environmental pollutants, which as we know, are everywhere these days.  

Ancient Egyptians were among the first to mine this stone.  But today best quality is believed to come from Iran and also the southwestern part of the United states.  Many Native Americans feel Turquoise is sacred.  Many beautiful carvings of birds and animals can be found in tombs in this area.  These creations were believed to protect the dead and to summon positive spirits.  This gemstone was also used by Medicine Men and healers in this area. Ancient healers believed that Turquoise would actually change color when its wearer was in danger.

If you should be lucky enough to receive a Turquoise as a gift, it truly represents luck and friendship, and this should bring you much of the same.  

About Turquoise Dreams
If you dream about an oval Turquoise set in silver, this means that you will become very adept in your job situation and overcome any obstacles. While a polished Turquoise of a deep blue coloring shows that you have helped someone close to you with their problems by your astute grasp of their situation.  If you should dream of someone wearing a Turquoise pendant over their heart, this shows this person has much self-confidence and is quite trustworthy!

Thank You!
It's been my true pleasure to share this series of monthly gemstone articles with you throughout the year.  I hope you enjoyed discovering more about your birthstone and all the other amazing and colorful gemstones out there.  

If you missed any of the other articles in this series, links are found below and if you’d like to discuss specific gemstones and their powers, abilities and meaning further, please give me a call at extension 8454.  

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