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Published Date 12/15/2010
Category: Astrology

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December looks like a really interesting month. Lots of planets in Capricorn, it is quite a dance. This energy is mostly in one place, so if you look at your chart, it is all in Capricorn, well, mostly.  So if you know what house Capricorn is in, early Capricorn, in your chart, you should be able to discover what area of life this is all operating in. You can’t use house placements unless you have your time of birth, they are all based on that.  But there are other things you can see without it so here goes. On December 10th Mercury goes retrograde, again.  And with that come all the little hassles retrograde Mercury brings around communications.


Then there is Pluto, just waiting for them, just lurking to join the party.   Pluto in Capricorn is about transformation of the earth energy that rules government and organizations.  This energy will be an area of transformation for years.  On December 5th, Mercury swings past Pluto,   Pluto is less than a full degree from the North Node that day, so we are looking at: transformation, spiritual evolution and communications energy in the energy of Capricorn: practical,  ambitious,  stable. Mercury moves fast, this is normally a quick one, day pass.  But not this time, remember the retrograde?   Mercury turns around just a degree and a half from Pluto, so that communications and mental energy it brings is going to transform. On the twelfth Mars conjuncts the North Node, bringing whatever past issues you haven’t yet dealt with.  Mars brings direct energy and often energy around men.   Karmic issues that need resolution in order for you to progress. All of these energies are functioning together for the next week, until the 13th and 14th at least with those two days being the strongest energy. Then on the 13th through the 16th, the Sun squares Uranus and Jupiter with the Moon on Uranus and Jupiter on the 13th.   That is a LOT of energy for a particular day.  And all of the energy is toward change. Uranus likes immediate change.  Pluto generally gives you a lot of time to transform.   And Saturn who usually slow down the change is completely out of the picture. Mercury and Mars are active personal energy.  This can be an amazing time. In your chart, look for planets between 2 and 6 degrees for the strongest impact.  Look especially at Earth signs (Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo) for the easier but no less profound changes.  And look at Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer,  Libra and Capricorn) for the most intense changes.  Other signs at the degree will feel this, but not as intensely. And remember that even if it misses hitting your chart, you will be dealing with a lot of people that will be finding these intense energies making changes and transforming their lives, probably very unexpectedly. If you have old forgiving to do, this is the time.  If you have old issues to resolve do it now, so you can move ahead. If you stay in the light this transformation can be amazing; it is an opportunity to leave old issues behind and rapidly transform your personal destiny to a higher space.

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