A Final Farewell to Mercury Retrograde by Psychic Maxine

Published Date 12/10/2010
Category: Astrology

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Mercury will be retrograde for the last time this year…. December 10, 2010 is the beginning of the end of the Mercury retrograde. It will keep us perhaps a little more quite than usual this time of year as it lends itself to slowing down from the hectic pace of the holiday season. I love this retrograde, maybe because I have so many planets in Virgo and a Gemini Moon. Most of the time I run around like a chicken with my head cut off, high energy no doubt, but with this wonderful planet of communication and everything electronically connected it gives me a chance to unplug and relax. Sure that would be great if I really could do it, yet I find a stillness to the air that offers up a calming energy. Just knowing what the effects of the retrograde energy are about help me to understand life a little better. Some might feel like a piece of lunch meat sandwiched in between the Venus retrograde that was over on November 18 - that was a humdinger of a time. Love and money seemed to be going in the wrong direction. Then a few weeks after it is direct our fun loving planet Mercury spins backwards leaving us with a little window that I hope everyone used to the best of their abilities to get their balance back. One would like to think that the end of the year is a time to rejoice in the love and power of the spiritual vibrations. I know who has time with all the shopping, cleaning, cooking and getting things ready for the in-laws and other people that will be decking the halls of your home. I say thank goodness for the Mercury retrograde, it is gift from the astrology gods so that we can slow down take a deep breath and think. Think about yourself and the year that you had, think about what you need to clear out- on more than one lever, like attitudes that might have gotten you stuck in your job, the place you live, the hairstyle you might need to change. It is your time to focus on yourself. When we focus on ourselves and are being the strongest and happiest we can be then we share our good will with others without effort. The Mercury retrograde will be a done deal on December 30 - make the most of it. And may compassion and happiness be yours for this holiday season. Metta waves

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