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Published Date 2/16/2011
Category: Astrology

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After a long January in Capricorn, February looks like a whole new thing, and most of us can use a new thing. With seven planets in air signs, quick thinking and communications are highlighted. Venus and Jupiter are both in fire signs. Things are moving now, it is not just thinking it out, and there is an urge to be doing. We started February with a new moon on the 3rd (this one has Mars on it.) It could have had you making new plans for action, especially in the weeks that followed. It might bring a new man into your life or magnify your own masculine side to make things happen. On the fourth, Mercury moved into Aquarius and revved up your social side. But at the same time, that crescent moon was right on Neptune and that can bring dreams! It was a very strong time to experience your own psychic side, feeling your feelings deeply and sensing other people’s, too. Pay attention to those little voices in your head and stay clear. Venus met Pluto on the ninth and they were squaring Jupiter. This happens at about 3-9 degrees in Earth Signs or squares in Cardinals. If you have a chart check those degrees, the more exact it is the more likely it is to be an issue for you.   You will see transformations in relationships and deep but beneficial changes. It is a powerful and very positive, but don’t try to hold onto things as they have been when change like this is at hand or it can be difficult to navigate. The Moon trines here too, trines are good so it might help you with the emotional side of the issue. Pluto has a “you can pay me now, or you can pay me later” quality that is way easier to deal with if you go with the flow. Saturn is dancing in Libra at the moment, making that sign a bit tricky and not at all easy to deal with. Bumping along with responsibility and authority figures is tiring anywhere in mid Libra. But all this Aquarius energy this month might just lighten it up a bit. And we had this year, one of the most interesting Valentine’s days I have seen in a while. The emotional Moon was trining all those Aquarius planets, one after the other, with Neptune strongly in it. It will be fun, no doubt, but it is probably not your best time to make commitments. Try to put them off until next month when you’ll all be in a better emotional spot than on Valentine’s Day. Play, have fun, talk and dance and dream! Things that happen today might just turn into something, but not right now. This is such a Neptuney month! You need to know that this is why you are feeling kind of different with all of this. On the 20th Mars and Mercury are both smack on Neptune at 28 degrees in Aquarius. Uranus, meanwhile, is at 28 degrees in Pisces. So this planet of change will be affecting all of this too, making it a time that would not be great to make big decisions or to try to think things through. Just enjoy the trip for a bit. Toward the middle of March you will see things beginning to move along quickly and the things that are just a germ of an idea now will move along very quickly then.

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