Write Yourself a Love Letter by Psychic Ben

Date 9/2/2022

How can others love you if you don't love yourself?

How can others love you if you don't love yourself?

“You are your own best friend.”

It’s something we’ve all heard and probably said to someone else. It’s a nice way of turning the focus on yourself when you’re feeling down.

That said, how do you make this real? Do you use daily affirmations? Great! How about looking at yourself in the mirror and saying nice things to your reflection? Wonderful! Let me suggest one more thing: How about putting it in writing in a love letter?

Do you really love yourself? Why not? There are so many things about you that are eminently lovable. If you find that hard to believe, you might try writing this letter. Pretend you are another person, a suitor so to speak. Start by making a list of what others might see as your good points. Is it your eyes, your laugh, the way that you always listen attentively to what others have to say? That’s a really good start! Keep going. How about your hobbies, even your obsessions? These things round you out and make you even more lovable. You may think that this shows how crazy you can be, but your “crazy” is what makes you someone else’s perfect partner.

Once you have a list of the things that make you who you are, turn it into a letter. Do it up right; use a nice note card or pretty stationary. Be as mushy as you want, but make sure you sound sincere. Show how much you love the person that you are without being smarmy. You want to not only show how much you love this person, but you want them to fall in love with you. This is not so much a case of looking in the mirror. It’s meant to show you why you should be loved. You have now laid it all out in black and white.

Okay, you’ve done it. Now what? Put it somewhere you’re likely to come across at the oddest times. Bury it in a stack of towels in your bathroom; stick it in your spice rack. Maybe you can use it as a marker in one of the books in your to-be-read stack. Anyplace is good as long as it pops up from time to time. When it does, read it. It’ll remind you that you really are a wonderful, lovable, and quirky person. You might even start to believe that it’s true—which you should!

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