Will You Say It With Flowers? By Psychic Trecinda

Date 2/14/2013

Flowers can touch the heart with their many meanings

Flowers can touch the heart with their many meanings

Valentine’s Day is upon us, and the media is inundated with commercials and shows in which lucky ladies are greeted with armfuls of flowers, usually red roses.  Certainly, the beauty of flowers is enough to bring a smile to any recipient, but does a gift of flowers have a particular meaning?  And do different flowers mean different things?

The answer in both cases is yes!  A gift of flowers is a gift of heartfelt emotion and very serious empathies. When we give flowers, our goal is the touch the heart of the recipient in a way that nothing else can. Archaeologists have discovered clusters of flower pollens and remains in the graves of thirty-thousand-year-old graves, showing that even our ancient ancestors felt the importance of floral gifts.  

Giving flowers is not a recently created custom! Early civilizations assigned certain meanings to particular flowers.  The rose, as we already know, is an important one.  Red and pink ones denote passion and affection, while white and yellow ones denote sorrowful emotions of loss and return.  The tulip, also a significant gift flower, can denote different emotions:  yellow for cheerfulness, purple for royalty, red for passionate love.  The exotic orchid, no matter what the color, represents vast luxury, beauty, and love.  The iris, associated with a Greek goddess Iris, represents a spiritual connection between the heavens and the earth and is always appropriate for a positive spiritual message.  

These are but a few of the countless types of flowers that you might be thinking of giving this Valentine season.  The carnation, chrysanthemum, aster, daisy, and other popular flowers all hold their own special meanings.  Why not research them and create your own special message in a gift of flowers this year!

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