Will He Like the Way I Look? by Psychic Radha

Date 2/11/2021
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Loving others starts with loving yourself.

Loving others starts with loving yourself.

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“Will he like the way I look?” my client asked me hesitantly.

I paused and turned it back to her. “Actually, the question you might want to ask yourself, is will I LIKE the way HE LOOKS?”

The act of valuing what you bring to a potential partner is everything. Yes, men are visual but so are women. At the end of the day, an individual can have the most gorgeous person in their bed but if the chemistry is not there, the intimate act will have no potency. A man may enjoy the look of one woman but have a stronger attraction to a woman with a couple pounds to lose but she comes off as alive, fun, desirable, etc. Be that woman for yourself, and you will become that woman for your potential beloved.

You cannot discount the very pull of soul ties, past life experiences, and love bonds that span the ages. These connections out rank and out match any hot looking prospect because in the end you were meant to meet and be in a loving relationship with this soul mate. Being a soulmate or twin flame is hands down a tie breaker!

Trust Your Value

If you have things you want to improve upon your physical person, by all means do it. But do not ever compare yourself to other women. You can’t win that battle, nor should you want to.

Your soul has a destined blueprint to meet one, two, or perhaps even three soulmates within your lifespan. These divine appointments are not based on your weight, height, hair color, or what you do for a living. These divine meetings are beyond these mundane ideas. Trust that too.

Unconditional Love Cannot be Gained Outside of Yourself.

Go to the mirror and ask yourself this one question: “What can I do today to gift myself unconditional love?” And whatever pops in your head, do that. The work to be done is within your own internal dialogue that belittles, doubts, and distrusts your own value to the world and to a potential life partner.

If you don’t believe you are worthy to beloved why should they?

Love yourself, work on chanting to drown out the put downs. Trust that you are enough and that your being is what resonates with the right partner who will feel lucky they finally found you.


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