Why It's So Hard to Let Go of Certain People

Published Date 6/18/2018
Category: Love, Relationships & Family

Learn to let go of toxic relationships

At some point in your life, you may find it necessary to distance yourself from former friends. Whether the relationship has runs its course or they're simply toxic to your emotional health, you may have difficulty moving on from a life that involved them. Online psychic readings can help you find ways to let go of certain people. 

Keep in Mind the Bad Times

It’s tempting to hold on to relationships based on the good times you remember. You recall those butterflies you had when you first got together, or maybe you remember hanging out with a dear friend and laughing until your sides hurt. But what about all those bad times? Those instances when she said things about you behind your back, or when he stood you up after you canceled plans with your friends? They hurt you by not taking your feelings into consideration.

Stop Craving the Thrill

You might have stayed in the relationship or remained friends with a narcissist because you enjoyed the drama. Maybe you've finally realize the toxic person in your life only wants your company to create more attention. You need to change your behavior because it's not healthy to just drop everything when that person reaches out. 

Deal With Your Issues

If your bad friend or partner exploits your flaws, they may use them against you. Maybe you don’t like attention, yet the other person is constantly pointing that out and making fun of you, or they draw attention to you when you're in public. Accepting your weakness can make it harder for someone else to manipulate you.

Learn to Trust Others

Being involved in a toxic relationship can make you question other people in your life. If you experienced disrespect from someone, you might wonder if others would treat you the same. You might start to distance yourself from close family and friends because you fear they'll treat you badly. Learning how to trust others can help you break the cycle and move on from a bad relationship.

Ask for Help

You may think you had the perfect relationship, but now that bond is no longer valid. You fear you won't find someone this wonderful ever again. You hang on to the feeling of being wanted and needed, making it even harder for you to let go. Take some time for yourself and find an activity to take part in. Reconnect with your friends and family whom you might have distanced yourself from. Another option is getting psychic readings by phone, where you can speak with a psychic to help you get over a bad relationship.

Don’t hang on to toxic people because you think the way they treat you shows love. Your friends and family can help you let go of these types of people, but another option is an online psychic. Together you can find the strength to move on.


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