Why Ghost Hunting is So Popular with Families by Psychic Mackenzie

Published Date 10/29/2017
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Mackenzie and her baby sister, ready for a ghost hunt more than 40 years ago!

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Whether you're a parent or not, understanding the benefits of studying or going on a ghost hunt will bring you peace of mind. The paranormal is genuinely interesting and an intelligent study becoming more and more popular all around the world. Good parents are keen in helping their children learn how to have and keeping an open mind. Outside of fictional comedies that make light of an actual science, we do well to gather the data, to draw our own conclusions. 

An Open-Minded Study of the Universe
From my own experience as a child ghost hunter, I can't rave enough about the benefits of parents educating their own children on the facts and testimonial's surrounding this popular, ever-increasing trend. I appreciated my own experience which was one of the first vivid memories I have which clearly led me to become the person I am today. From the glamorous Hollywood Roosevelt hotel where Marilyn Monroe's spirit is said to live, as well as the excitement surrounding famous other hotel and bed and breakfasts and perhaps merely a study in the history and facts of haunted locations, there are literally thousands of lessons you can create when doing a paranormal study with family. 

One of the best ways for someone to learn is to actually live the experience, hence setting out on a ghost hunting escapade with family can be quite educational. The study of the phenomenon/science of ghost hunting, even the very existence of ghosts or spirits is greatly debated. There is no doubt of the ever-increasing popularity of the paranormal. For instance, look at the past decade of television and movies. When most were making fun of or doubting true psychics, or ghost hunters, we are now as a generation compelled to learn more. 

Who doesn't have questions about our very existence and the world we live in?
Attempting to answer questions as a study with young ones, will encourage them to ask questions on their own and increasing their own intelligence and database of knowledge to draw on.  Ghost hunting with kids has become a popular family educational experience. After all, children are very sensitive and in some cases have been thought to be the best psychics of all and in this case better ghost hunters too. 

Encountering a Friendly or Benevolent Spirit 
Many, many years ago, I went on a ghost hunt with my beautiful and very gifted mother. Knowing the ghost was present and friendly, mother sent me to the room of my infant sister to appease him. With a list of questions to ask this spirit, I would find the answers to the who, what, where and why of this appearance. Essentially it was a true ghost hunt, though we didn't have instruments to measure his presence. 

This spirit was actually living among us, learning to live without fear. Of course, my own mother's gift and open-mind was a blessing as she taught her famous fearless approach. In fact, ghost hunting without fear is essential. (Seriously, living life without fear is even more essential.) What a beautiful and life-changing lesson it was for me to enter my sisters room without fear, and all in my formative years. Without this fearless lesson, I may have never attained the type of strength which kept me trained and quite capable of handling some grueling, trying times later in life. Dealing with our friendly ghost was a literal eye-opening experience that helped me mature quickly. 

I was ready to speak to George, our friendly ghost. Mother explained she was convinced he was a friendly ghost, and I trusted my mother who loved me intensely. She explained that as a child, I would be better equipped to appease him, or ask him nicely to leave. Mother sensed with her brilliant mind, this friendly spirit may be jealous of her as a parent and although she didn't yet know it was at least a theory she wanted me to watch for. Mother felt this spirit may never have had children of his own. She convinced me, because my sister Julie was always laughing when he was around, he was truly a friendly spirit. It was more than convincing when we studied the nightly routine of this benevolent spirit, while my sister lay giggling after falling asleep exactly to the hour later, every night. 

Our steps in figuring out if a spirit truly existed.  Lay Julie down at a specific hour – the same hour each night. Checking on her an hour – to see if she was sleeping (each night she was). Checking an hour later to the minute – she would awaken at the same time, laughing uncontrollably. 

Each evening, at the exact same time we would check first to see if Julie was asleep. Exactly to the minute an hour later we would hear my sister giggling from her crib. Not a soft giggling either. She would laugh rather loudly, which as an infant is very rare. Consistent laughs out of an infant at the same time every night for over a week, left my mother and myself completely convinced with no doubt whatsoever, this was a friendly spirit who loved to make children laugh. 

George went willingly, and we believe he went smiling, while perhaps his spirit was now at rest and could pass on to where he needed to go. Our ghost hunt ended with much success.

To recap, here are my 3 reasons why it’s a good idea to ghost hunt with a family or children: 
1. To raise a child's intellect, by investigating the unknown. 
2. To keenly teach paranormal protection. 
3. To raise intelligence by allowing the child to think on their own.

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