Why Do I Keep Choosing Cheaters? By Psychic Danielle

Date 8/9/2017

You never need to settle for less.

You never need to settle for less.

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What causes a person to keep having relationships with “cheaters”? As a longtime Spiritual Consultant and Intuitive Guide, I can site many examples of clients who have left relationships in which they experienced infidelity only to find that the next person they're involved with cheats on them too, and so the cycle goes on and on. These dear people have asked me if there is something “wrong” with them, which causes them to gravitate towards cheaters, or are they just having a run of terrible luck?

The secular explanation would probably be that you’re having a run of bad luck or that you’re a bad judge of character. Psychology would most likely define a learned pattern of behavior born out of some type of early dysfunction that one continues to act out in a maladaptive attempt to change the outcome, believing that “it’s never too late to have a happy childhood.” 

Learning How to Love Yourself
In Metaphysics, we have a teaching: “Complete or repeat.” As a metaphysician, it is my belief that your soul is determined to learn a lesson which will permanently alter your consciousness causing you to grow and expand, and you will continue to draw or be presented with the same scenarios with different names, faces and places, until you figure out the lesson. In the case of continuing to be in relationships with unfaithful individuals, the reason could be as simple as learning how to truly love, value, and care for yourself, so that you can identify and ask for what you need in a relationship and know that you never need to settle for less. It might also be something more challenging. 

There’s a saying in some spiritual circles that “if you spot it, you got it.” It isn’t simple to acknowledge that we may have to identify character defects within our own selves which are being mirrored back by these relationships, and which need to be acknowledged and addressed in a loving self-course correction so that we can move past attracting that which we no longer wish to be. 

Getting to the Root of the Matter
In my Psychic Readings, I try to help to identify patterns and behaviors which may be the underlying cause of repeated poor relationship experiences, and then direct my caller to the appropriate venue for assistance in taking an axe to the root of the tree and in some cases legacy of negative relationship experiences. This has on occasion included recommending professional help such as support groups, psychological counselors, medical consultations, or all of the aforementioned, and I always direct callers to develop a connection with the ultimate source of wisdom; their own “higher power”. Kahlil Gibran wrote: “No man can reveal to you anything but that which already lies half asleep in the dawning of your knowledge.”

When time permits I am able to teach techniques with journaling and meditation to improve conscious contact with higher power and with higher self, assisting my clients in identifying and changing their existing patterns of energy so that they can begin to attract and experience the love and the life they desire.

Whatever the lesson is that we’re here to learn, the good news is that once we get it, we will know it. Unhealthy relationships are removed and replaced, and we are free to continue our journey to our happy destiny.


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Justbhonest: Danielle, Now I'm so confused? I just read this article on the heels of you after (6) months of me reading with you, and you telling me finally, that you have been reading my situation all wrong that the person I have been calling about and supposedly is in love with me?, has been cheating on his wife with me!!!! You told me we are meant to be together, even tho you know he is a cheater? You lead me to believe the Universe brought us together for a reason? Reading this article, I should hang in there cause this person is my soul-mate? He is just a cheater and I should steer clear from him.. I guess in the end it dsnt matter anyway, because it was all wrong anyway... he is very happy just where he is, away from ME...

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