Why Do I Follow Negative Love Patterns? by Psychic Narnia

Date 10/26/2013

Do you find yourself stuck in the same old situations?

Do you find yourself stuck in the same old situations?

Many of my clients have patterns in their lives that they can’t see because they’re too involved in the situations. This can come in many forms.  Some people repeatedly date people who are already in a relationship with someone else and then ask, “Why do they choose the other person over me?”

Other people consistently fall for someone who is emotionally unavailable, even though there is intense chemistry in the connection, the other person doesn’t have the courage to step forward.

Several of my clients have had partner after partner be abusive to them but they don’t know why the person they’re with is mean to them.
Whenever a pattern becomes clear in life, especially when it comes to partners or potential partners and their behavior, it’s time to stop looking outward for answers and begin to look inward.  If you’re consistently drawn to people who repeat the same behavior, then there’s something deep inside of you causing you to be drawn to that type of person or behavior.  Subconsciously you feel you “need” or “deserve” to be treated in whatever way they’re treating you—even if you consciously don’t believe that.

Some deep part of yourself is scared to accept good behavior.  Something makes you feel you aren’t ready for true, deep caring and compassion.

It could be something from your childhood, or the fact that you’ve been hurt before and now you don’t trust that love can happen for you.  It could be anything. The reason or deeper subconscious belief is different for each person.

The one thing that has been consistent though, throughout my time of reading for people, is that when a pattern becomes apparent in life, it’s time for you to look at that and examine it.  It’s imperative that you don’t just keep going the direction you have been, because obviously that isn’t working for you if you’re stuck in a repetitive negative path.

Dig deep inside and ask yourself why: “Why do I consistently see someone who is unavailable?  Why do I accept abusive treatment? Why do I wait for someone who repeatedly doesn’t give 100% to me?”

Whatever your pattern of behavior is, the way to deal with it isn’t trying to “fix the other person.” The healthier way to deal with it is to look inside yourself to find out what is causing this pattern in the first place.

Many of these negative patterns stem from not believing enough in yourself.  Even very successful, amazingly happy, people still have self worth issues that they fight through every single day.  None of these patterns have an “easy fix;” but finding a way to love yourself as you are will go a long way to bring positive love and companionship into your life for the long term.

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