Why Are Leos Worth The Effort?

Published Date 11/21/2013
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Why Are Leos Worth The Effort?

If you've got a Leo in your life - as a lover, friend or co-worker - it helps to constantly check the flip side of his or her nature. There's a reason why the lion is the animal associated with this zodiac sign, and understanding what's behind the King of the Jungle facade will help you get to the heart of the beast.

Those born between July 23 and Aug. 22 are confident, courageous and ambitious. Those are all great qualities when they're not taken to extremes. But beware of the mood of Leos when their best traits go into overdrive. Then those qualities can be domineering, conceited and vain.

To help the relationship stay on an even keel and to match your Leo point for point, it's best to display a little bravado yourself. Be motivated and determined in what you do, stand up for yourself and you'll gain the respect of people with this zodiac sign who are eager to meet their match.

Just remember, while Leos can be insensitive at times to other people's feelings, their own self-esteem is precarious at times. They like to be the center of attention and often are. And though it may seem that they don't need anyone's approval, nothing could be further from the truth. If they feel they've failed at something, Leos are quite wounded. Be diplomatic without being subservient, and chances are you'll find the right words to heal any rift between you and the Leos you know.

Seek Advice On Relating To A Leo
There may be times when you need some advice on how to approach a Leo that you work with or someone whose friendship is sometimes close to reaching the breaking point. When that's the case, calling telephone psychics to see what's going on below the surface is likely to help matters. Live psychic readings are an easy and quick way to obtain an objective, insightful view of a personal dilemma.

Keep in mind that on their worst day, Leos can also be among the most passionate, energetic and loyal of all zodiac types. And who doesn't want passion and loyalty in their lives? If you work with Leos, you'll want them on your side when there's a tough assignment ahead.

As friends, they're also protective of their closest companions because once their loyalty has been earned, it's virtually unshakeable. On balance, the bravado of Leos that you sometimes have to put up with is generally worth the trouble.


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