Who Are Your Real Friends? by Psychic Mackenzie

Published Date 12/6/2018
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A real friend is always there for you!

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Most people grapple with finding the best of friends. Those individuals you can trust, and really understand the value of and finding the most precious gems to share your life with. It's important to choose all our friends wisely. Everyone we interact with should be thought about carefully as we can and will pick up on negative energies. 

Don't we have enough to deal with already than to pick up on anything negative or extra?
A real friend can become closer than a brother (or sister) - no judgment, no anger, no fear. When you truly bond with someone, total trust has taken place at some point. You would risk your life for them and or vice versa. It's hard to explain this type of brotherly love, but it does exist. There are truly those that are closer than a sibling and you'll know it for a fact who they are.

A friend will be careful what they say behind your back.
It's a big thing to be loyal and a way to take note of how someone talks about others is how they may be talking about you. If they're fair and upright, in the way their conversation goes when others are involved, that's a wonderful indicator that they are indeed a good friend.

A like-minded one.
A friend shares much of the same perceptions that you do, though it's true that opposites also attract. Sharing perceptions bond persons, sharing or adjusting perceptions to save a friendship never feels right? If a friend is always trying to get you to see and act as if they would, are they really a friend at all? It's important to be like-minded but forcing someone to feel or act a certain way is not being a true friend.

Our spiritual friends and guides
We also have winged creature spiritual friends, the angels who were given as a gift. There is more power in a spiritual friend than there is in someone not interested in the great unknown.

And not arguing over religion or politics, lol? Do you and the ones you associate with share definite opposing views? It's a strain on your energy no doubt. If one or the other can be completely nonjudgmental then the relationship doesn't have to end.

Choosing friends wisely doesn't mean we're judgmental to those who fall outside of what we need and want from a friendship.  We have the right to choose who takes our journey too. Finding great soul connections will open you up to blessings, because all the negative energy that exists in un-true friends will be gone so your path to blessings will be clear.

Who are your friends really? 
Clearing out anyone who you feel is not truly a friend, will relieve your energy. Once any negative outside energies are gone your spirit is free at last to find everlasting friends who care for your own soul, as much as they do their own. 

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