When Your Partner's Dreams Don't Coincide With Yours

Published Date 11/26/2016
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Your partner's dreams don't always align with yours

As you build a happy and healthy life with your partner, ideally the two of you will see eye to eye about major decisions and substantial choices. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Learn how to respond positively when your partner’s dreams don’t coincide with yours, and discover ways to move forward when you don’t share the same vision of your future.

Focus on Getting Along

Whether your partner reveals that he wants to pursue a demanding job, needs to relocate across the country, or doesn’t share the same vision of family that you have, you might be tempted to react negatively. Rather than responding to surprising or uncomfortable news with hurtful words or an unconstructive discussion, seek positivity instead.

Though the news might be hard to take, try to focus on getting along with your partner rather than arguing. Remember that the two of you chose to pursue a relationship together, and try to put your mutual goals first. If you’re having trouble getting past the hurt, live psychic advice can help you refocus on getting along.

Express Your Needs

If you let your partner’s dreams frustrate, disappoint, or hurt you, you’ll probably be inclined to respond in kind. Rather than letting emotions get the best of you, take a moment to think about what you need to feel good as you support your partner’s dreams. Your needs might include anything from alone time to process the situation to a chance to consider your job prospects in a new city.

Along the same lines, ask your partner what her needs are. If you know her well, you might think you can assume what she needs or interpret her desires from her body language. Give her the chance to express her needs verbally, and you’ll be able to approach the situation with empathy.

Find the Good Side

Change can be difficult to manage, no matter if it happens to your career, your family life, or your love life. If you’re generally adverse to change, learning that your partner’s dreams don’t coincide with yours can be devastating. Rather than allowing the potential negative side of change consume you, find the good side instead.

Perhaps your partner has changed his mind about his ideal family size. Instead of concentrating on the loss you feel from the children you don’t yet have, focus on how complete and fulfilling your family feels now. Not only will this willingness to adapt help you get through a difficult struggle, but it can also strengthen your relationship with your partner in the long run.

Know Your Limits

To build a successful relationship, partners should take turns supporting each other as they pursue independent and mutual dreams. That doesn’t mean you should always let your partner call the shots while you continually adapt.

Understand what your limits are in your relationship, and do your best to express them to your partner. Together, you can find a way to align your dreams so that both of your needs are met without pushing your limits.

A willingness to adapt and a desire to support your partner can help you pursue a happy, successful relationship. If you’re wondering whether the two of you are really made for each other, a love psychic can help you take a closer look at your relationship.


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