When Will I Find My Perfect Lover? by Psychic Felicity

Published Date 9/3/2017
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Are you keyed into finding love?

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It’s been said to me more times than I can count.  “I’m a friendly, fairly successful woman with plenty of friends, both male and female.  My friends tell me I am attractive.  So then why am I still single?  When am I going to find the love that is meant to be?"

Every day, women and men ask me how they can find their perfect love.  So many are longing for their twin flame. They ask, “How can I attract my forever love?”  The answer is simple, and hinges on this Universal Truth: one can receive only as much love and compassion as one gives to oneself.

Magnetic Attraction
We each have known a magnetic person in our life.  She or he is the one who feels fresh, empowering, and revitalizing.  Magnetic people are inspiring, and feel good to be around.  Their authentic self-regard somehow imparts permission to those around them to relax and be themselves. The great news is that magnetism is not a birthright!  Anyone can develop a magnetic life practice.

“How do I do that?” you might be wondering. Well, it is as easy as taking responsibility for one’s experiences, and then moving the pain pictures you carry with you that trigger and create reaction, rather than response. A psychic advisor can help you take those steps toward clarity, and toward the authentic, PERFECT YOU underneath the pain.

Self-ish, not Self-less
When you can give yourself permission to be who you were born to be, you will magnetize your perfect love.  As the saying goes, we are each a “human being, not a human doing.” Each of us has innate gifts to offer. Each of us IS a beautiful gift to the world, and the only way to bring that gift forward is to be as bright as we can be.  We must be self-ISH, rather than self-less.  It’s the oxygen mask in the airplane rule: we should give to ourselves first, before giving to others. When we do, our perfect counterpart will then be able to identify and align with us. 

In other words, we need to give ourselves the love we are hoping to receive from our prospective lover. The more we can love ourselves, and follow our own true desires, the brighter our gifts will shine. The brighter we shine, the more magnetic we become. The amazing thing is that this magnetism will attract the people who resonate with us at our highest vibration!  

So, it's easy: to line up with your ideal love, be selfish... treat yourself as you would treat others.

Lining up with our true love is as easy as lining up with our authentic selves.  Our purpose in this life is to live in joy, grace, and ease, in the moment, being led by desire rather than by fear.  In other words, stay here and now; and always, always follow Love; and Love will follow you always.


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