When He Loves You, But It's Not Enough by Psychic Radha

Date 7/10/2020

What happens when love is not enough...

What happens when love is not enough...

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I had a girlfriend who left her husband because she loved him too much! It shocked me, why would she leave the love of her life?  As life showed me the contrasting experiences of multiple female clients, I began to realize why she had left her ex. Some men are wired to self-sabotage in many ways, here are some you may recognize:

Some men will leave the house for hours and do not respond to your texts or calls (that is unless you reach out.) If you don’t reach out, they won’t check in with you to let you know what’s going on.  

Some men will play it off that you are not their mother and get angry when you ask them to do the most common of courtesies – to touch base after hours of separation. 

Some men have no idea how to nurture a relationship once they have won you. They feel that now that you live under the same roof that this should be enough. But you and I both know that you can’t expect a garden to thrive if you never water it.  

Some men have no idea how to nurture you and your relationship.

As women, we all need to snuggle up and wrap our arms around a man’s neck and be completely embraced by the bear hug of their love, the issue is, few men offer that kind of cuddling to their women.

Most women need so little to feel fulfilled but there is a difference between accepting crumbs and feeling loved and fully heard by your beloved.  When are fully loved, you don’t need yachts, bank accounts, and diamonds, not when you have it all with your beloved based on love, being heard, seen and valued. 

Women are more likely to give and give until they are exhausted to a man that neither appreciates it nor honors it. That will bring a woman’s heart to the gutter of despair.  When that happens, many strong, loving women will see the train wreck of their life realizing that they are giving more than receiving and over time that will drain them of energy.

When that happens please recognize that this might be the time to say your goodbyes. Not because you don’t love him but because you love yourself too much to keep yourself trapped in a relationship that makes you feel that no matter what you do its never enough. A good relationship is like a seesaw, sometimes you pull your weight for both of you and sometimes your partner pulls his weight for the both of you and sometimes you balance each other out with equal energy.

If YOU feel drained… 

If YOU feel depressed…

If YOU feel confused…

It is time to asses your relationship to see where the holes are and what can be fixed.

If your man won’t wake up – then you have to make the most heartbreaking decision of your life, as my friend did and leave him.  Fortunately, she later ended up meeting and marrying her soulmate, they have two beautiful boys and live on a ranch with horses and other critters. 

Sometimes letting go of what you think you want is the very act needed to get what you really deserve.

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