When Doing the Right Thing Doesn't Feel Good

Published Date 11/7/2017
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Determining the right thing to do is stressful when conflicting emotions are at play.

We all strive to do the right thing, but often the right thing hurts. Whether it's for your family, for your employees, or even for yourself, doing the right thing is important. However, it isn't always easy to see what that is. Other times, you know what's right, but you also know it will hurt.

What's Right Isn't Always What's Clear

Making a decision can be difficult when the choices and outcomes aren't clear from the start. Unfortunately, this is the reality most of the time. Sometimes the choice that seems best in the present might end up being incredibly selfish when you look back on it a year or two later. The first step is considering every situation with an open mind. Even then, you must accept that you don't know everything.

A good decision might look better if another option that reveals itself in hindsight were clear in the moment. Chatting with the best online psychics is a great way to discover hidden possibilities. Otherwise, it's easy to second-guess decisions and even regret them later. No matter the situation, try to keep an open mind and accept that you might not know the outcome of your choice right away. Having the best intentions will help ease your mind.

The Right Thing Is Hard Work ...

There's a reason why people say you know you're making the right choice when it's the hardest one to make. Even when you know the right thing to do, it's not always easy. Maybe you have an intimate dinner planned, but a loved one calls asking for an important favor that same evening. It's painful to give up what you want, but sometimes it's right.

... and it's Complicated

The right thing isn't always straightforward. Take the example of giving up a long-awaited trip to help someone in a time of need. It might hurt to give up your vacation, but in the end, you know you're making the selfless choice. Now, what if you've planned that trip with someone you love, and canceling will hurt them, too? Getting live psychic advice can help you determine the best thing to do when it seems like any choice you make will hurt someone.

How to Do the Right Thing

Even when you know what's right, it can be hard to take that next step and do it. In these cases, review the reasons why a given decision is the right one. This will motivate you to move forward. Strive for improvement instead of perfection. Holding yourself to a very high standard doesn't help anyone. Sometimes you will make mistakes and do the wrong thing.

Doing the right thing can bring hurt and hardship in the immediate moment, but it's important to strive to do what's right in the long run. By examining the situation and learning to forgive yourself, you'll set yourself up to move toward what's right.


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