When a Soul Mate Journey Ends

Published Date 2/20/2016
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How to Embrace the Love and Loss of a Soul Mate Relationship

"You will have many soul mates in your life. But not necessarily does a soul mate have to stay with you forever. It can be temporary. It’s okay to let go and move on to the next." Ending any type of love relationship is difficult, but ending a soulmate relationship adds a spiritual dimension that can make letting go even more painful. What's important to remember is that while there is nothing you can really do to change the course of that which has been predestined, our psychics can help you let go gracefully and surrender to the journey. In this video, our psychic Advisors share their wisdom regarding soul mate love and loss.

The sacred journey of the soul

In spiritual psychology, our soul's journey is a transcendent aspect of our human experience. As many sages and wisdom teachers have stated, "we are spiritual beings having a human experience." And one of the most important parts of that human experience is the experience of love, in all its manifestations - finding love, losing love, finding it again. When you connect with a soul mate, love feels different - there is a spiritual, or even karmic dimension to the connection that comes from a context that is larger than life, larger than a single lifetime. These soul relationships have an intensity that draws us together, ignites an emotional intensity around that which we are meant to explore and learn, and can end with bang or simply fizzle out. 


Why is my soul mate with someone else?

There can be many reasons why a soul mate relationship ends, or perhaps worse, never gets to begin - the timing may be wrong, the soul agreement may be simply to cross paths briefly in this lifetime, or the lesson that your souls agreed to work on may be learned and completed. Remember that from a soul perspective, there are many lifetimes, many chances to incarnate and do the spiritual work that helps us evolve. Our soul mates are chosen in that spiritual dimension, where time has no beginning and no end, and connections may be spread across many lifetimes. As Psychic Leena concludes, "There is somebody for everybody. And even if it takes you 20 years to find them, they’re there. You just have to know how to embrace the energy."


Video Transcript

Sadia: Everybody wants their relationship to be their soul mate and most times it’s not. They’re just here for a short time or to be a stepping-stone to your soul mate or to just be part of your journey or your process.

Leslie: It doesn’t mean that it can’t profound and fulfilling in wonderful ways. But soul mate is generally tied to the biggest chunk of work I’m here to work on and that person is going to help me through that and vice versa.

Noah: You will have many soul mates in your life. But not necessarily does a soul mate have to stay with you forever. It can be temporary. It’s okay to let go and move on to the next.

Karenna: Finding your soul mate in this lifetime doesn’t necessary mean that you’re meant to be together in this lifetime. You may be meant to connect. You may be meant to be friends. You may be meant to see each other in this lifetime, have a little gift to give each other, have a little reminder from some other realm or last past life or whatever. But you may not be meant to be together.

Colin: Sometimes soul mates are married. Sometimes there’s an enormous age difference between soul mates. I’ve had soul mates who were 50 years apart and one was a caregiver providing end-of-life care to someone who was in fact a soul mate but they had cross paths at that time in their lives.

Leena: Soul mates can go lifetimes taking a pause, a break from one another and needing to just find each other. Maybe they’ve got unfinished business.

Carmaleena: If the other person is in a relationship, it’s up to that person to say “Yes. I’m going to fulfill my soul mate connection with you by stepping into that arena.” Or they may just say “No. I just cannot do that. I’m going to stay with whomever I am with.”

Colin: I know sometimes we do cross paths with soul mates at the wrong time. But I go into that knowing that we’re going to cross paths with them in another lifetime and we’re still going to get the opportunity to be with them again.

Karenna: What you and I can do is look at what it really is you want in a relationship. And I can take a look and see whether or not that’s on its way and if it’s not, what you can do to attract that.

Leena: There is somebody for everybody. And even if it takes you 20 years to find them, they’re there. You just have to know how to embrace the energy.



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JamieRN: Very, very helpful. I cried as I read viewed and listened to what was being said.

keishawash80: do have soul mate Keisha Washington 10 16 1980 is his jesse

hopeful2221: I am in a twin flame relationship. it is very painful, we are apart at the moment and it has been up and down the last 6 years. I am doing some work with twin flame healers. Both who are in a relationship together. I wish I would of fallen on their website and you tube alot sooner. I would of experienced less pain. They believe that you can heal ancestral issues, etc. Since I have been doing this, it has helped tremedously. I am an empath and have learned to clear dark energies and many other things impacting our relationship. I have done a personal healig session with them and know exactly what the issues are. There are lots of things to be healed and transformed. Twin flames come here on earth to heal and transform the earth's grid, dynamics etc. And they believe that yes absolutely you can heal them as well as yourself. We are on a talking basis again, and I am moving to his area in the summer. It is the most difficult and painful journey ever. J.L.

myheart2: Incredibly helpful! Thank you for addressing this topic! My journey is one where pursuing togetherness (at least in this lifetime) would have meant the unraveling of many many years' worth of previous commitments, families, lives, etc. and the decision was no. So difficult! Yet even in that, the close and warm presence of the journey itself is there every day and it makes me smile! Thankful and Hoping to unite under different circumstances....someday?

Soulmatejourney: The most painful relationship you will ever endure, exhausting....yet the most intense the most beautiful and life altering....my soulmate journey is everything difficult with obstacles and challenges, and pain the loss is unbearable but being told we are meant to be together has taught me the lessons within this predestined journey. I want to personally thank Sadia for helping me and guiding throughout all of this.

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