What Will Make Them Love You Back? By Psychic Ivanka

Date 2/28/2021

Don't try to find love, let love find you.

Don't try to find love, let love find you.

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You may see this person almost every day, constantly think about him or her and you know he or she is your one true love.  You can just feel it deep down, it’s meant to be.  They might not know it yet, but you do…  So, what can you do to make them love you back? The honest answer to this question is sad and final. The answer is, “Nothing.”

A person is going to love you to the best of their ability and there is nothing you do can change their capacity to love. Only if they can appreciate themselves and allow for their own growth can they love themselves and appreciate the effort of others. Others are operating from their own understanding and can only give what they have. Your true liberation lies in accepting that you only have control of you.

A Conduit for Good Energy

Efforts toward another person with the expectation of anything in particular will always lead to disappointment. However, making an effort toward another because you are inspired to do so can only be fulfilling. The inevitable bonus of being a giver without expectation is that the Universe will always supply you with the energy or material good to give. You are, in fact, a conduit for the good energy that the Universe is offering all of us.

Choosing one person to receive what you have to offer is a disservice to yourself and all of us who would thoroughly enjoy your energy. None of us can satisfy every single person we encounter. Choosing to give your attention to an individual who has not hidden their lack of interest is self-destructive. Winning anyone over requires compromising things that have nothing to do with your ability to relate. The willingness to compromise yourself also attracts people who want to use you for their self-interests.

Take Care of Yourself

Being taken advantage of is one extreme of outcome of wanting love from someone. The sting of rejection is a less extreme outcome and far more common. Our reliance on others is always a risk. The only person who can make your life beautiful is you. The more you take care of yourself, the more you can offer. The more growth you can experience, the better your contributions will resonate.

So, the real question is… how can you get your love for yourself back?


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JaeLee: As always, my questions are answered. Literally minutes before this confirmation, I was telling myself that my love for my Twin Flame is a reflection of love I have for myself & that he is my mirror. How do you not love yourself if you Twin Flame? Answer is you just do--if you love them unconditionally, then you love yourself. I think that the problem isn't in the knowing, but learning the ways we love ourselves more.

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