What We Can Learn From Loving the Wrong Person

Published Date 9/25/2017
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You can't always control who you love

If you’ve ever fallen head over heels for someone who turned out to be wrong for you much further down the road, you know that you can’t always control who you love. Just because you weren’t the ideal match doesn’t mean you have to consider the relationship a failure, though. Discover what you can learn from loving the wrong person and find out how to grow despite disappointment.

Shame Is Never the Answer

When you’re in a relationship with the wrong person, you’re often the last one to realize the reality of the situation. In many cases, your friends, family members, and coworkers may have been telling you for weeks, months, or even years that your significant other is all wrong for you and that you’re going to get hurt in the end.

What you have to understand is that no one else has walked in your shoes. Your relationship may have been easy for others to dissect from the outside, but the way you experienced the relationship was much more complex than you ever could have expressed. That’s why it’s important to resist the pull of shame or the temptation to feel terrible for not listening to your friends and family sooner.

Magic Can Emerge From Chaos

When a relationship takes a bad turn, it can feel like you’ll never see the light again. Whether you’re fighting constantly, you’re moving in two separate directions, or you’re headed for certain disaster, every day can feel like you’re navigating a minefield.

If this sounds familiar, it’s essential to understand that the challenges you experience in the thick of a bad relationship don’t have to last forever. Everyone has to get through chaos and negativity before they can live their best lives, and there’s a good chance that you’ll find an element of magic in the disarray.

The Timing Isn’t Always Right

If you’ve ever had a tarot reading, you know that timing is everything. This is true for relationships, personal growth, and virtually every other aspect of your life.

If you’re wondering why you couldn’t make the relationship work or where you went wrong, try not to fault yourself for the breakup. Understand that the timing may not have been right. Even though you may have been the perfect match on paper, your timelines may never have aligned properly.

You Have to Love Yourself First

As any love psychic can tell you, no matter how your relationship ends, it’s important to walk away with a better sense of yourself. Treat every relationship like a learning experience, and learn to love yourself first.

For some people, this may mean reaching your lowest point before acknowledging the darkest parts of yourself. Once you accept them, you can move further down the path toward finding the person who’s actually right for you.

Coming to the realization that you’re in the wrong relationship can be painful, but it’s something that almost everyone experiences in life. Strive to learn and grow from your experiences, and move forward confidently with the knowledge that you’re getting closer to truly understanding yourself and what you really need in a relationship.


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