What to Expect from Your Twin Flame Reading by Psychic Ivanka

Published Date 7/22/2019
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Have you experienced a twin flame reading?

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For those of us who believe we have a Twin Flame, there is never enough information about the experience.  We want to know the steps, the process, the roles, the signs, and we want to hear success stories. In fact, Twin Flame experiences are what sometimes lead to us seek spiritual guidance.

Once we are convinced that we have a Twin Flame we begin seeing all of the signs that we are right. Angel numbers will appear. Every conversation will be dissected and compared to other Twin Flame stories. Every gesture will be examined for its true meaning. The conviction alone will attract more and more signs from The Universe that you are, in fact, a Twin Flame.

But what about the physical evidence of a relationship right now? Separation is a hallmark of the Twin Flame relationship. Numerous spiritual breakthroughs are required by both parties before a union can take place. In your reading, you will often hear that one of you is blocked or even unaware of the relationship. Often, there is no communication coming. It’s not unusual to find that the other is with another soulmate or karmic partner. 

Twin Flames and Free Will
The question is whether you continue on the Twin Flame journey when there is no evidence of a real relationship? Which reality do you invest your time and energy into? This is where free will enters the scenario. If you continue the spiritual journey, you will grow and align to everything that is truly meant for you and accept that the other person might never come into that same alignment. 

If your free will leads you to seek gratification in the physical realm, understand that your choice is still spiritually sound. You deserve happiness and fulfillment. Every relationship has its challenges, who can say that one type is better than another? Ultimate satisfaction is yours to define. Waiting is waiting no matter how you label it and for many reasons waiting is not always an option.

Twin Flames and Spirit
Regardless of the outcome, the Twin Flame experience is profound, and you will grow as a result of pursuing knowledge. If the experience led you to speaking to a psychic advisor, you will find that there are many possible roads to your desired outcome. Also, you'll find that your own intuition is quite sharp. As an advisor, I often confirm what the caller already knows. Twin flames tend to tune in to Spirit.

Your Twin Flame reading will only reinforce what you already believe, whether you resonate with your advisor or not. If you believe you have a Twin Flame no one can convince you that you don’t. If you believe that Twin Flames don’t exist, then you will disregard any evidence that you do have one. 

Twin Flames and Life Lessons
What does exist for everyone are life lessons that are learned by interacting with other people. Only you get to decide what the lesson is and when the lesson is over. The intensity of Twin Flame relationships cause bursts of energy and draining burn out. Check in with yourself before you talk to your advisor. The levels of frustration and confusion that come with being a Twin Flame are universal. Your advisor has seen many twists and turns from many people and might not seem as surprised as you think! 

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