What to Do with a Malicious Mother-in-Law

Published Date 5/10/2017
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Mother-in-law madness can negatively affect your marriage.

When you meet the love of your life and start planning your future together, you may not realize that you're also marrying into your beloved's family. In some relationships this is a joy, because you love your partner's family, but in others you face a universally dreaded obstacle: a mother-in-law who simply does not like you. She's malicious, overbearing, and angry all the time – but you can deal with her, and perhaps even salvage the relationship.

Try to Understand Her Feelings

The best way to deal with your malicious mother-in-law is to understand why she's so malicious. There's generally some underlying reason, even if it's not at all fair or just. This issue is particularly acute when you're marrying a woman's son, although many men also deal with mother-in-laws who seem to dislike them on sight. The issues are generally the same, however, and can include:

    • Jealousy, because you're “taking away” a much-loved child
    • A belief that no one, including you, is good enough for her child
    • A fear that you won't make her son or daughter happy

Ask for Unbiased Advice

You may well need help in understanding your mother-in-law's feelings, and sometimes an unbiased opinion is best. Find an online psychic with whom you feel at ease, because you have to feel comfortable sharing details about your life and your marriage. Describe your mother-in-law's behavior while being as tactful and fair as you can. You can't make her seem like a monster-in-law, instead you have to stay completely honest and let your psychic know about any of your bad behavior as well.

Discuss Things with Your Spouse

You also need to discuss the issue with your spouse, because ideally he or she should stand up for you. It's understandable if your spouse doesn't want to get in the middle of an issue involving two of the most important people in his or her life, but sometimes it's necessary. Describe how you feel, ask your partner for opinions and advice, and see if there are any patterns in this behavior.

For example, if you find out that your mother-in-law treated all of your spouse's past partners the same way, you can learn a lot about why she acts this way toward you. How you deal with that information is up to you. You might want to tailor your own behavior, you may choose to simply keep the relationship civil instead of pushing for something more, or you may decide to talk to her directly.

Initiate Some Conflict Resolution

Direct confrontation is scary but often necessary. Gird your loins first, with a series of psychic phone readings that help you come up with a plan of action. Make a date to sit down with your mother-in-law, but don't approach it as a cage match. You're having a discussion, not going to war. Sometimes confronting an unpleasant person about your feelings while remaining warm, polite, and cordial, will shame them into behaving.

Are you worried about mother-in-law problems in your marriage? If you've suffered through the pitfalls of a less-than-loving mother-in-law, how did you make it through to the other side?


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DeeJay: A lot of mother in laws are narcissists. There is nothing you can do. Mine is the queen of the narcissist. She's vindictive, mean and just pure evil at heart. You can give this woman all the money in the world and she still wouldn't be happy.

ndada999: Some mothers are just narcissits. Can't change a narcissit ever. Better really love the man or run for your life!

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