What to Do if a Deceased Relative Won't Communicate

Published Date 6/29/2014
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You may need to overcome your own grief before you can communicate.

Many people find that speaking with a loved one who has passed is one of the most therapeutic activities possible. Unfortunately, reaching out to the other side isn’t always as easy as we’d like. There are many barriers that can get in the way of a successful reading. If you’re struggling, there are several things you can try that may help to increase your chances for success.

Wait for the Grief to Lessen

If your loved one passed very recently, your own grief may get in the way of a productive reading. Your deep sense of loss could be too all-consuming for you to calmly reach out to connect with the other side. While speaking with a medium is very therapeutic, there are many other things you can do as well. Consider speaking with a grief counselor, attending a support group, or simply spending some more time grieving with others who share your loss.

If you’re afraid that you’ll forget what you have to say, sit down and write a letter to them. Chances are excellent that they will get your message simply because you took the time to organize your thoughts and put it down on paper. Having this letter will also help you rest easier knowing that you can refer to these thoughts again later when you do connect with your loved one.

Open Your Mind to the Possibility of Communication

If you see communication as a far-fetched possibility or desperate last resort, you’ll find that it’s much more difficult to successfully connect with the other side. Studies have shown that there is a real scientific basis for mediumship. Many mediums even contend that their abilities are not special, but something that we are all capable of on some level.

Open your mind to the very real possibility that your loved one is reaching out to communicate with you. When you’re receptive, you have a better chance of hearing the message.

Give Your Loved One Time to Acclimate

Communicating from the other side isn’t always easy. It’s much easier for you to connect to your online psychic than it is for the dead to reach out and make that same connection. It may take time for your loved one to figure out how to communicate effectively. It's possible that he or she simply doesn’t have the energy to reach you right away. Step back and give it time.

Work with Several Mediums

Each medium has his own strengths and you may find that one psychic phone call yields better results than another. Try more than one medium to see if your loved one is simply communicating on a different frequency from the first person that you spoke with.

Be patient when you’re communicating with friends and family who have passed. Rest assured that they will communicate with you in one way or another as soon as they are ready.


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